Spring 2023 Storm Spotter Schedule

The National Weather Service announced its Spring 2023 Storm Spotter Training schedule!

Their Storm Spotter Training is free and open to the public and goes over the basics of storm spotting, thunderstorms, and methods to report severe weather.

NWS Chicago is pleased to host in-person and virtual Storm Spotter training sessions from winter to spring 2023!

The in-person and virtual training will be exactly the same, and cover severe weather hazards including thunderstorms and tornadoes. This includes safety concerns, planning for and anticipating severe thunderstorms, general storm structure and movement, and identification of important storm features.

  • All sessions last about 2 hours.
  • They are free and open to the public.
  • Classes are appropriate for all ages. Ages 10 and up will likely get the most out of the training.
  • Pre-registration is required to access the virtual sessions and certain in-person sessions. Registration information, if needed, is included when clicking on a date and location in the calendar below.
  • You may attend a class offered by any NWS office, regardless of where you live.
  • A few additional training sessions will be added to our calendar over the coming weeks

Additional information about NWS Chicago Storm Spotter Training is available at this link: weather.gov/chicago/spotter_talk.

Wednesday, February 8
Vernon Hills, IL

Thursday, February 9
Crystal Lake, IL

Thursday, February 16
Paxton, IL

Tuesday, February 21
Valparaiso, IN

Wednesday, February 22
Poplar Grove, IL

Tuesday, February 28
DeKalb, IL

Wednesday, March 8
Morris, IL

Tuesday, March 14
Fowler, IN

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mike Bardou or Brett Borchardt at:

Mike Bardou: [email protected]

Brett Borchardt: [email protected]

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