2022.03.14 Meeting Minutes



1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Supervisor Don Murday with Pledge of Allegiance🇺🇸

2. Roll Call by Clerk Crissy Kraft: Present: Supervisor Don Murday, Trustees Ralph Dietz, Mark

Kovar, Bill Wagner, and Cherie Newton, Assessor Jane Bushong, Road Commissioner Jim

Hilliard, and Clerk Crissy Kraft.

3. Approval of Minutes from February 16, 2022, Regular Monthly Meeting prepared by Clerk,

Kraft. Trustee Dietz commented on item 12, public comments, stating that down the road

people wouldn’t understand why resident Olszewski made the comment because things were

left out and that there were comments made at the meeting leading up to Olszewski’s

comment that the clerk did not go into. Murday explained his view of the minutes and that it is

not a verbatim testimony. Murday made motion to approve submitted minutes, in which Dietz

wanted to add what started resident Olszewski off to have the comment in the February

minutes added. Murday said it would be no problem to amend the minutes to take out the

quote attributable to Olszewski. Dietz didn’t think that was the right way to handle it and that

missing parts should be added. Trustee Wagner asked what the benefit of adding it was. Dietz

questioned if the comments were that of the clerk, and questioned if someone else was editing

the minutes, Wagner asked Clerk Kraft if that is what she wrote in which Kraft responded “yes,

it’s what I wrote.” Murday entertained a motion to accept the minutes as prepared by Clerk

Kraft, Motion made by Trustee Wagner and seconded by Trustee Newton. In favor, motion

carries three to two, 3 yays, Supervisor Murday, Trustees Wagner and Newton, 2 nays, Trustees

Dietz and Kovar.

4. Planning Commission

Jim Wayman received a note from a gentleman looking to develop a 60-acre parcel previously

annexed to Frankfort on the south side of Stuenkel Road. The developer wants to annex back

the 60 acres to Green Garden for 2-1/2 acre estates in which Frankfort is not interested in

letting go. The developer did not show up to meeting.

5. Road Commissioner’s Report by Commissioner Jim Hillard

– Past Operations

-Plowing and salting of the roads

-Sign Maintenance

-Bids put out for tar/chip and paving projects are to be opened at 5 o’clock on Tuesday,

April 12, 2022, before the annual town meeting.

-Street Lights for service

-Straightening culvert ends

-Hauling gravel and dragging Dralle Road

-Put out 8 tons of UPM to fill potholes

-Maintenance: Spray pads machine and truck, replacing hydraulic hoses

– Present Operations

-Getting Dralle Road ready for widening

-Soon taking out trees and brush

-One of the streetlights in Whispering Prairie has fault in line so figuring that out

-Canterbury Lakes, Phase 5, more than likely MFT project with lighting to be completed

by March 16 and then more than likely goes to Will County Board to vote on project. Then next

would be resurface and grinding resurface.

– Future Operations

-Dralle Road hard surface a mile from Rt 45 to 104th 2022-2023

-Scheer Road Bridge North of Offner Road to be replaced

6. Assessor’s Report

-Soft appeals are currently open, forms are available on the website

-In the process of going through neighborhoods looking for inequities and so forth

-Renewal exemption, i.e., senior freezes, the disabilities, normally need to be filled out

every year but with Covid the past two years have rolled over. This year it is changing back so

renewal applications for those exemptions will need to be filled out. Reminders are being

mailed out April 15th, but if you don’t receive one, make sure to go to the SOA website to get

one. Also, SOA is back to offering senior events this year, eight will be offered throughout Will

County, dates are not posted yet but will update when they become available.

7. Trustee’s Report

Trustee Wagner read the Green Garden Cemetery Committee proposal as prepared by Heidi

Christofilos and would like to put on the agenda to discuss and vote next meeting. The

Cemetery committee is requesting an Official Green Garden Cemetery Board be created with at

least $5,000.00, to serve and maintain all five cemeteries in Green Garden, having found five

people to serve. Trustee Newton brought up that in the Township of Illinois Laws and Duties it

says it’s by appointment, may appoint a board of 3 persons to be known as the Cemetery Board

of Managers who hold their office for a period of 2 years, or until their successors are

appointed. Supervisor Murday suggested to have Trustee Wagner send Resolution to the

trustees to have and then address questions to Heidi and/or Bill before the next meeting to get

them addressed and then can be put on the agenda for the April board meeting.

8. New Business

Annual Town Hall Meeting set for Tuesday, April 12th at 7p.m. There were no items presented

to Clerk Kraft by March 1 by 15 or more electors to put anything on the agenda. Supervisor

Murday read the proposed agenda for the Annual meeting. Supervisor Murday entertained a

motion to accept the agenda for the annual town meeting, Trustee Newton made the motion,

Trustee Kovar seconded that motion, all in favor, motion carries.

9. Old Business – No old business

10. Supervisor’s Report – Supervisor Murday and Road Commissioner Jim Hilliard attended the

Township meeting with Township Officials that Will County put together where they met

several Supervisors, including Jim Moustis, Frankfort Township Supervisor for over 20 years.

Supervisor Murday wanted to get insights from Supervisors who have experience, to better

himself and do a better job as Supervisor. Road Commissioner Hilliard brought up a good point

asking if there was a way smaller townships could pull resources and buying power to get a

better deal that was welcomed by a number of people. Supervisor Murday thanked

Commissioner Hilliard for representing the township well.

11. Public Comments

Resident Buddy Schultz voiced concerns over trucks by 104th and Dralle and a tanker hauling

fuel. Buddy also voiced concerns about a hole in his driveway into the street in which he drives

through water for 3-4 days after it rains.

Another resident voiced concerns over 104th and Dralle where an oil tanker, with no dike or

proper waste management, is used to fill equipment and then sits full in a lot that she would

like to file an EPA complaint. She also mentioned their having refrigerator trucks and sheep and

they are slaughtering them while not being registered with the Will County Health Department

or the USDA for meat processing.

Resident Monroe Striggow commented on not understanding the first motion made and liking

to hear it reiterated. He also wanted to make the minutes reflect that there was opposition to

the first motion. There was some confusion over the minutes being put in the newspaper, in

which the township does not, and he was directed to contact the Vedette with his concerns.

Resident Striggow also wanted clarification on the 15 people to put something on the agenda.

Supervisor Murday stated the statue is 15 electors present an item be put on the agenda by

March 1.

Resident Heidi Christofilos stated the first official workday at Union Cemetery is on April 9th

from 8am-11am and asking anyone who would like to come help us clean up the cemetery.

Heidi reached out to the Peotone High School where the principal told her there was an

agricultural program and kids needed service hours and would coordinate with them to work

on cleaning cemeteries. The Boy Scouts because of COVID -19 were not able to fulfill their

service hours and they would also like to come alongside and work on doing their hours at

Union Cemetery and Twining Cemetery.

Resident Belinda Olszewski thanked Supervisor Murday for apologizing for what happened at

the last meeting. Belinda stated, “in my opinion, the board went on and on about a particular

department, when I made that comment, I was also made a comment back to me from Mr.

Murday that if I didn’t like it I could leave, thank you.”

Resident Dean Christofilos wanted clarity on the annual meeting because he has something to

share and that he could do so during the public comments, if which Supervisor Murday clarified

that registered voters may speak during public comments.

12. Meeting Adjourned at 7:38 pm with a motion by Trustee Wagner and seconded by Trustee

Kovar. Motion carried. The next Board meeting to be held on Monday, April 11, 2022, at 7:00


Respectfully submitted, Crissy Kraft, Clerk for Green Garden Township.

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