2019.11.11 Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 11, 2019

The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll call (Trustee Newton)
In attendance were Trustees Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, and Supervisor Nolan.
Trustee Wagner, and Clerk Coffey were not in attendance.
Clerk Coffey submitted the minutes of the regular meeting held October 14, 2019. (via email as well as hard
copy to Trustee Newton). There was a motion to approve the minutes submitted, by Trustee Hellriegel with a
second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
PUBLIC COMMENTS-Nolan: No one here.
PLANNING COMMISSION-Murday:Two matters up. With the passing of Mr. Norkus there is a vacancy as a
result. Mark Walczak ( remember for a few years) has asked to resign. So there are a few openings. Ralph
Dietz (present) is interested, we have met a couple of times and he attended the meeting last Monday. Sat with
Commission in no official capacity, thought better to come before board to approve & appoint to Planning
Commission. Ralph is a longtime resident of Green Garden and a neighbor of Jane. I would ask the board to
approve him as a member of the Planning Commission. Nolan: Anyone have a question for Ralph? Hellriegel:
Any neighbor of Jane’s has to be a good guy (laughter). Nolan: can I have a motion to approve Ralph to the
Planning Commission? Standish:I make a motion to approve Ralph to Planning Commission. Nolan: Second?
Newton: I’ll second it. Nolan: All in favor: Aye. Opposed? (None). All: Welcome aboard Ralph.
Murday: Second matter, passed out paperwork from last Monday’s meeting, property zoned A-1 to I-1. I-1
designation, if County approves, from that point forward I-1. To talk about what plans are currently for the
property, the attorney representing the Tracy family is present. The property is located on LaGrange Rd.
landscaping company that’s been there for years (refer to map & use chart). Attorney Wennlund provided
evidence to Planning Commission stop posting send notifications to contiguous landowners. For the record, no
one appeared other than Tom Pleckham ( property owner to the north) also approved in the past from A-1 to
I-1. he also appeared recently for Special Use to sell existing building. Already I-1. Cass Wennlund (attorney)
& Mark Koenig (realtor): The Tracy’s want to lease for rental income, currently 45 Acres zoned Ag, 10 to 11
acres segmented off to rezone I-1. Anticipated parcel in red on diagram. Murday spoke to the Village of
Frankfort (who contacted Don due to being within their mile-and-a-half footprint) expressing some reservations.
concerned about number of driveways leading to LaGrange. They have put together their comprehensive plan
for 2040 envisioning more of an industrial park type (multiple buildings like off Center where the streets head
east). Murday:I expressed my view of Green Garden’s Comprehensive Plan, commercial and Industrial
envisioned on Lagrange Rd. helping the tax base move from Ag to Industrial I have business present at
location. County has not taken a position. won’t hear anything until January, working to get partial configuration
established,because to keep Ag, needs to have 300 ft frontage on LaGrange, with the remaining portion to be
Ag. Request of Tracy family, longtime residents running their business out of Green Garden we’re going to get
out of landscaping but still need income. Wennlund to talk about application, Koenig about efforts they made in
past to try to lease as Ag designation vs. industrial. Wennlund: Explains split in parcel with 300-foot frontage
currently Ag, entrance on existing parcel in red, there is existing entrance on Route 45 similar to approved
parcel I-1 to the north. They’re not going to approve any more entrances on 45, not adding any entrances.
Hellriegel: That’s why he had to put one entrance for two buildings. Wennlund: Correct, we don’t intend
applying for more accesses. Tracy family began, before retirement to try to lease A-1 Special Use for
landscaping Garden business, as they try to lease, it’s a lot of property for landscaping company it wasn’t any
interest essentially. When Mark (Koenig) brought the Tracy’s to me, I said what I don’t want to bring into Green
Garden is a 45 acre Industrial Park, opposite to what Frankfort is saying. I don’t intend to bring 45 acres
industrial Green Garden. What we want to be able to do is utilize property without having a white elephant.
property has been well-used, well-maintained, and well landscaped. Ran Harvest Fest there so looking to
utilize and get income out of it, and not run Landscape Company anymore. over to Mark about trying to lease.
Koenig: Mark Koenig of the Koenig Group Commercial Real Estate broker consultant. started working with the
Tracy six months ago, initial broker residential broker, hard get anyone to look at zone Ag. the number one
issue zoning, needed to get zoned I-1 in unincorporated Will County. sofas Will County that could be a
possibility because of property to north, also mentioned property on Monee Rd. started getting together for
process in the meantime. There was interest by different companies, once rezoned, how to get sprinkler install
(per Fire Dept. code). Two big companies very interested, one australian-based kind of Ag use with a lot more
to it. Wetlands Restoration, restoration of primarily wetlands, plant trees, forests, restore floodplains, very good
company. Another company has multiple locations, a few in the US, Upfitter- it’s a customization different types
of service vehicles, like Com-Ed trucks with buckets (work with municipalities). Two very good to start. waiting
on zoning, awesome starting point for the Tracy’s. Wennlund: Trying to bring in under lightest Industrial as we
can, same category as to north. Koenig: Property to north has great company going in, still needs Special Use
through Will County. Murday: So record reflects, I-1 designation most restrictive of the Industrial zoned parcels.
I-1 defined as primarily intended to accommodate low impact industrial uses. Industrial Park development that
have very limited adverse visual & operational impacts. Mark will continue farming property in back, probably
still have some toys sorry moving around dirt and some of that. Nolan: Any questions from board? Standish:
Just on,how much traffic you think that will increase? Answer: Compared to in its heyday, I would think less
than what it was when they were running crews out of there. Access to north (Ag entrance) not saying Tracy’s
won’t use. Nolan: Was that done by state ? Wennlund: That’s original farm access (100 years?) culverts
replaced over the years (referring to map) that’s overwhelmingly what you see in that sliver, 300 ft is all in
floodplain, grade level access over floodplain. Nolan: Do you foresee a problem with County with this?
Wennlund: Not so far, is Frankfort’s worry is access,no worry, no intent. (Discussion about how it fits into the
Comprehensive Plan) Hellriegel: Taxes go up. (discussion: upscale building, nice looking) Nolan: Can I get a
motion to approve Map Amendment A-1 to I-1 for said parcel? Bushong: For clarification, it started as 55
acres? Wennlund: Yes, just over 11 acres being parceled off, essentially where existing business was (refer to
ariel). Hellriegel: We’re approving 11 acres? Wennlund: Correct. Hellriegel: I make that motion. Nolan: Can I
have a second? Standish: I’ll second it. Nolan: All in favor say aye. Response: Aye. Nolan: Opposed? (no
response). Thanks guys. Bushong: All buildings going into industrial area? Murday: Time being, all one Pin
number, until County splits off and it gets a separate pin.
Murday: There’s a gentleman Sue referred to me expressing interest on Planning Commission. If anyone has
interest, put the word out, keep on website. Even with Ralph’s acceptance, would like one more person.
Newton: I reached out to one person I know, gave her your info. Nolan: For record, who resigned? Murday:
Mark Wolczak.
HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER’S REPORT-Massat: Nothing. Nolan: Doing stuff, salt? Massat: Snow & ice, salt,
that’s it.
Nolan: I’m not even going to ask Jane for Assessor’s report. she’s been busy last 2 months like crazy. you want
me to read off what you got? Bushong: A lot of appeals, really got hit was quite a few, still coming in. We were
able to handle a lot of them without having to go to hearing, which is good. Few still going to hearing, won’t be
finished until close to mid December. Nolan: October 27th was the cutoff? Bushong: that was when I had to
submit last of my evidence but there is a second round of appeals coming in. getting slightly hit again, not as
bad as the first time. Hearings from first-round, still not all of them done.I think the last hearing is December
10th now. A couple commercial, most residential, a lot of subdivisions. This next year I really have to look at
subdivisions, make sure we’re equal across the board. Nolan: Out of appeals we did, majority went down?
Assessed value? Bushong: Not necessarily, quite a few did, few very obvious, fair is fair. Comparisons were
obvious, in which case we took care of them right away. Vacant lots in some subdivisions very close and some
were very off. Worked with County and just went across the board to equalize them, took care of that right
away. A couple went up, most brought down. Some interesting challenges if you might. Nolan: Does PAMS
system help? Bushong: Tremendously, although I have really got to put more data into it. Really have to put
more data into it to make my life more simple, a ton of data still needs to be put in. I can barely keep up. every
month I get permits, new sales, basic stuff, inquiries, FOIA,and appraisal requests. That’s not counting the
appeals keeping me busy right now, so I’m having trouble. I have to get past all of that, then I can get a day
and start inputting regular data, backtracking, and putting in property data. Once I have all that property data
put in for everybody’s parcel, then I can just run reports, make it much more simple. Nolan: Once in the
system, we are probably a year out, starting from scratch, the real estate offices will be able to eventually get
online and look at, themselves? Bushong: It would be my personal goal, once all the data is in there, I’ll
probably come to you and say, how do you want to do this? Ideally, another challenge, if we have our own
website, where we could link it, and it’s capable of doing that with the PAMS system,they can pull up any piece
of data. Nolan: Can’t they do that through County’s system? Bushong: Not completely, it does give a lot of
data, doesn’t give you square footage, basement square footage. Nolan: Will it though? Bushong: Can it? Yes,
once I get all data in PAMS, we have capability if we choose to, set up a website to do that. Nolan: We have to
do it? Not County? Bushong: We have to do, and I don’t believe, don’t quote me, I don’t believe that’s going to
be like TOI. Not like our current website, more custom for that to happen. That’s a direction a lot of the
townships are going. Taking PAMS system and linking to custom websites, so residents and everyone can
look up their own. Nolan: I thought that’s what County was supposed to have, so everything was linked into
County. when we sat down with Rhonda Novak, that’s what she said. Everything linked to County, everything
gonna come out of County. Bushong: It is, how do I say, it is linked right now, you can pull up your own parcel
or your neighbor’s parcel. Nolan: Through County website? Bushong: Correct. County Supervisor of
Assessments website, you can pull up a lot of data, but not linked to my PAMS data. It’s not going to give you
everything you want. There is a limit as to how much you’re going to get out of it. It’s still our data though, not
County’s, does that make sense? Hellriegel: That’s why there’s a separate Assessor. Nolan: It’s not that Don,
it’s when you start getting into running your own servers and all that, running a business, you probably have
your own server don’t you? (unidentified): We just buy off other houses. Nolan: Posts and all that, you start
running websites, and all that, it’s not as easy as people think at times. That’s why I get concerned about
people getting into servers and that. Bushong: That’s why I said I’m not dictating how we should go, just
saying, at some point, I might say “OK, everything’s in there, what do you want to do next?” And you’d have to
make a decision at that time. Nolan: Gotcha. Bushong: Just wanted to make sure everyone is aware,on the
website this month, assessor’s office has supper phone number, and a PO Box. So if anyone asks or inquires
they can call me, or email me. On website under contacts, that’s about it. Nolan: How many real estate people
call a week? Bushong: On a busy day, probably about 5. Today was slow probably with the Holiday, I only got
1. Nolan: Ok, but average of 5 a day? Bushong: Can be, a few a week, that’s for sure. With each one, it’s not
just a phone call, or email, I have to do the leg work, pull up, and reply. Nolan: By law you have to answer back
to them, so I know it’s a lot. Bushong: The way County explained to me when I was training, it is in our best
interest to get back to them ASAP or they will just FOIA it. If they FOIA it, I have a few extra steps, as for
legalities. So, I could just answer their questions and just get info to them as fast as possible. Nolan: I got ya.
Thank you.
TRUSTEE’S REPORT-Newton: I’d like to bring up website since Jane just mentioned it. Our website with TOI,
remember when I first started, I had a lot of problems and they dealt with me pretty good, struggled, but I finally
got it. Well, this last batch with agenda, and the minutes, it wouldn’t let me copy. I thought it was done last
week, a few days later went to the website (I glance at it once in awhile) and nothing was there just empty. I
tried it again and it wouldn’t work. So the other day, I retyped all the minutes and the agenda on our website,
clicked save, and guess what? Nothing, I entered a new tab for Assessor,I was simply going to put her name,
number, email, and PO Box, that was it. Did it, hit save. I could see it, look at it later, not there. So, I started
emailing them on Saturday, I know holiday weekend. I would think, at some point, when you’re in charge of a
website a responsible person would look at it. I have not heard back from them. I don’t know if we should
consider going with someone else, I don’t need to spend 4 hours just to transfer agenda and minutes. Nolan: I
wouldn’t have done it anyways, you got to understand, under law, we don’t have to have a website. we do it for
economic reasons, plus not having a server and everything else. Newton: I like having, in a timely fashion.
Nolan: That’s part of hassle with that, that’s why TOI was simplest one to go with, but they only charge us like
$350 a year. Newton: But it’s not simple,it should be, but it’s not. Nolan: Ok. Newton: Can I ask around, see
who other people use? Nolan: I thought Peotone, don’t a bunch of them use that? Newton: No, Brian Cann
dropped them, I think that’s what he told me. Wilton left and went to GoDaddy. I’m not a technical person I’ll
have to investigate. Bushong: I used to use WordPress and I found it pretty easy for creating websites.
Newton: I’ll have to dedicate time to look into. Bushong: it wasn’t fancy but it was easy. Newton: When is our
lease up? What do you think? You want me to look for something else? Or you want me to just..Nolan: you’re
actually the one doing the thing so whatever, you’re volunteering to do, so. Newton: You want me to look into
something else? What do you guys think? Hellriegel: Ok with me, what works for you and easy for you.
Standish: Yep. Newton: Ok, I’ll talk to you about it and look into GoDaddy, Ok? Answer: Yes. Newton: That’s it.
SUPERVISOR’S REPORT-Nolan:I’m going to pass, because we got some stuff coming up in Old Business
section to go through.
NEW BUSINESS-Nolan: Nothing on agenda.
OLD BUSINESS-Nolan:Park Donations Fund, you guys signed off on that today, we started that up so those
monies will be moved, we wrote check out, for Park Donation Fund was for $44,000 I think. As we talked last
time, that’s where the monies belong so I pulled out of regular budget and put it in separately. It’s not stuff that
we touch anyways, so when we get money from the farming we put into that Park Donations Fund. Ok?
Capital Fund we got 2 things to talk about, if we could just skip over to Levy first. For one part, because that’s
more important than anything else right now. I sent this out you guys, just so we’re all on the same page. Last
year we got 224,000 roughly ok for taxes, 20,000 from loan & 1,600 from farming property. so we had 245,000
that came in last year. last year we spent 180,000 of that. Right now, I kinda roughly did a little budget for you
guys to show you where we’re at. We’re at about 200,000 budgeted out for next year,I believe we’re still going
to come in at about 185,000 to be honest with ya, when I look at these things back and forth. my question to
the board is, levies are coming up, instead of Levying for more money, my question was, do we stay at the
224, Jane, taxes are going up across the board right? Assessments 2%? Bushong: 2% on residential. Nolan:
2% across the board which is basically more or less what we’re saying we don’t… well, it’s up to the board.
Newton: So you’re saying, perhaps 2% increase on the 224? Nolan: I was going to say nothing, I was going
steady. Newton: But the projected… Bushong: Just be careful when you say 2% across the board, it’s not on
industrial, commercial, or land, but is on home .I don’t know what break down is right off the top of my head,
but is a huge portion. Newton:1.5% maybe? Bushong: Maybe, or 2. I don’t know. 2% on all homes residential.
Hellriegel: You can’t say it’s 2% of the 224,000. Bushong: Right, that is my point. Hellriegel: it’s not 2% of that
number.Bushong & Newton: Right. Newton: It’s a 2% increase. Bushong: I don’t know without going back and
checking right now, what percentage is our income based on residential buildings. Newton: I got it, yes, thank
you. Hellriegel: and this tax levy is strictly the Town Fund? Nolan: Strictly Town Fund has nothing to do with
Road Fund. Hellriegel: Not Road Fund ? Nolan: Correct, nothing to do with Road Fund, and I’ll be honest with
ya,this 2019. 2020 you’re probably gonna have for Road District for the longer, you’re probably gonna have to
ask for more, because of all the new buildings which will start paying their taxes this year, cause there’s been a
lot of new building, but they won’t be on taxes for this coming up year. It will be 2021 I apologize. If that makes
sense, so a year from now, we’ll be talking about actually doing a hearing, and going forward, from what I can
see from Road side of the business, because there is so many new buildings going in right now. We’re not
voting on this tonight, it’s more of a discussion, cuz we’re coming in here next month for the Levies. I’m just
trying to get everyone’s feed on where you guys want to be at, my personal opinion is that, stick with 224.
Normally, what people do is they’ll ask for 2%, 3%, 5%, or you can ask for up to 15%, and go to hearings. I
wasn’t planning on raising anything. Standish: Are we moving anything more to the Building Fund? Nolan:
That’s a separate… that goes with Capital. That’s why I wanted to start this before we go into Capital Fund.
Right now we’re sitting if you take Town Hall Fund or Capital Fund that we actually have in budget. If you look
in budget it’s says Park District monies – Park District Fund. Also says Capital Fund – Town Hall Fund in the
budget, we got 250,000 sitting there for Town Hall Fund,we really should put in separate account, and also in
the… which we’re gonna discuss, already moved the Park District Funds into a separate account all together.
So right now, when you look at this we’re sitting at 180,000 for the Town Fund. If you look at books we closed
today. Standish: I’m all for lowering taxes or keeping the same. Is this going to help us to do this, or we going
to get hurt, and they drop the 224 down to say 220? Nolan: So basically, the taxes are going to go up 2%
nobody’s gonna see that from the Township side, no one will see the 2% cause we’re not going to ask for it.
does that kinda makes sense? Standish: So the people of the Township won’t get hit with 2%? Hellriegel:
They’re still getting hit with 2%. Nolan: the school gonna hit for 2%, the Fire District’s going to hit for 2%.
Hellriegel: Everyone’s taking a piece. Nolan: Everyone taking their piece of it. :Standish: Well if they get a meal
at Applebee’s then I guess that’s alright. Hellriegel: So you’re going to ask for 224 like last year? Nolan: We all
have to vote on it next month anyway, either way you guys want it, I’ll draft it up, I don’t see value in…
Hellriegel: Ask for what you got last time. Nolan: That’s all I’m saying. Hellriegel: If your budget will cover what
you got last year. Nolan:You’d be fine with that? Ok. Russ, your opinion? Standish: I think it’s a great idea to
keep the taxes the same, I hope it makes a difference. Hellriegel: It’s not us making the tax decisions though,
all we’re doing is asking for the money that comes from the Taxes, the county makes the tax decisions.
Standish: I understand that, but the thing is, in his pocket, in his pocket, and his pocket, and I want to see
some money back. I mean if we’re going to do it. Hellriegel: That’s what she’s doing with your appeal, we don’t
make decision of taxes going up. Standish: No, I understand that part but you say we’re going to stop the 2%
on the Township, is it gonna cut out anything on Road District? Hellriegel: No, this is not Road District.
Standish:That’s what I’m saying. Hellriegel: StrictlyTownship. Standish: Well, as long as we get the stuff we’re
supposed to, and the people get a break, I don’t see a problem. Hellriegel: The people aren’t getting a break.
Masat: You’re not gonna get a break. Bushong: Most people’s taxes will go up slightly because of the 2%.
Standish: So what happens if we don’t? They go up more? Nolan: Yes. Standish: Well isn’t that a break?
Nolan: We’re not going to ask for the 2%. Standish: I understand. Nolan : So your taxes for the Township will
not go up. Correct, I think I said that right? Did I Cherie? Newton: I’m following. Nolan: Did I say it right or no?
What’s your thoughts? Newton: I asked for this for last meeting. Nolan: Yes, you did, that’s why I broke it out
like this. Newton: Maybe I’m confused with prior year, we asked for X% because we knew we would only get a
small, small, small, right? Remember what I’m talking about, what was that %? Nolan: Last year we asked for
almost 5%. Newton: Asked for almost 5? Hellriegel: Yes. Nolan: The year before that we asked for almost
14%. Newton: That’s what I wanted to know, ok. Nolan: we want the budget, um.. levy we went for hearing.
Newton: So,14% in 2017 ? Nolan: Actually 4.9 or something like that from last year. Newton: In 2018? Nolan:
Yes. Newton: 14% in 2017 & 4.9 in 2018 correct? Nolan: Yes. Last year I know it was 4.9. Newton: Ok. Nolan:
Year before that, I wanna say it was 14, could have been 15. That’s what I’m saying. Newton: I just had that
higher %, that’s what I was thinking of,ok. Nolan: And this is where everyone always runs into problems, is that
government agencies seems like, if you don’t ask for it, you don’t get it, and if you don’t ask for it, then you lose
it. Throws you off a little bit, I think we’re in a position that we don’t need to ask for it.We should ask for what
we got and that’s problem with a lot of government agencies. Will County’s gonna tax the heck out of us this
year. They’re going to levies too. I believe they’re gonna tax the heck out of us this year. Fair? Ok. Hellriegel:
your taxes are going up next year. Nolan: I think we’ve done a very good job at spending money. I’ll be honest
with ya. Hellriegel: Surviving within our means. Nolan: That’s what it is, now keep going up, we don’t need it all
so.. Hellriegel: Ok. Nolan: Second thing on there, was creation of Capital Fund, it’s more of a discussion right
now. If you remember from the attorney’s letter, was to start putting that…Hellriegel: Getting it out of the
General Fund. Nolan: Taking it out of General Fund, I haven’t started the process with that one yet, I did one at
a time. I was going to start the process with this, but I wanted to make sure the wording, if you guys read that,
and there’s any different wording we want. We can always adjust it as we go. I just wanted wording on it as we
go. Hellriegel: Well, we just can’t leave it in that General Fund. Nolan: Correct, that can’t stay even attorney
and accountant say. Newton: So is your goal to do that one next? Nolan: Yes, you know me Cherie,I can only
do one thing at a time. Newton: I understand this. Nolan: Do you? That’s the way I was going to phrase it,just
didn’t know if we wanted anything else on there, dates? long-term dates? short term dates? maximum?
Newton: Wait, read what you told you again. Nolan: I was just looking for his note. Newton: He was more
specific. Nolan: He was. Capital Fund basically what it says is the Township should have a plan for the
possible use of those funds, which may include for example, the construction of a Town Hall or development
of a combined Town Hall multi-use and Park facility. So I think this is phrased properly, cause basically it’s
saying for purpose to maintain, lease, or build aTown Hall/ Multi-use facility building. The reason why I put the
rest of these monies we’re a line item in the budget, and it should be placed in a separate account. They were
always line-itemed in. Town Hall Fund or whatever we called it back at that time. Newton: Ok. Nolan: I don’t
know if you guys need any more discussion about it or not. Hellriegel: I don’t. Nolan: You good? Hellriegel: I
think so. Nolan: Good Russ? Standish: I mean, I don’t have a question, we’ve done this before, I understand
where it’s going. Nolan: Just getting it in the books a little straighter. Newton: Do you have another set of these
2 for Sue? Nolan: Yeah, I have them right here. Newton: Can I have to put with my stack of stuff for her?
Nolan: Yes, you can. Newton: Thank you.
Nolan: Can I have a motion to adjourn the meaning? Hellriegel: Any public comments? Nolan: Sorry, I
apologize. Bushong: I have a question, we approved the PACE transportation deal, correct? Nolan: Yes, we
put money in the budget for it. Bushong: Is it effective? Can we announce it? Can people use it? Hellriegel: I
don’t believe it is effective yet. Newton: No. Bushong: It is not effective yet? Hellriegel: No. Nolan: I’ll let you
know at next meeting. I apologize. Bushong: Ok.
Hellriegel: I have a question for the Assessor, do you like it? Bushong: Oh, I do. I love what I’m doing.
Hellriegel: Ok, because you volunteered for this. Bushong: I’m a little overwhelmed, I’ll be honest with you, and
I didn’t, and Jim knows this, I didn’t quite expect to be appointed and then get hit within a week, bombarded
with appeals. So, it’s been interesting, and learning, I’ve learned hard & fast. Nolan: We made a mistake,
actually, I made a mistake. We appointed, we probably should have held back until after all the reviews were
all done and all that, before we did what we did. Bushong: Because the County would have, not solely me. But
you know what, In fairness, they have been great. I’ve had a ton of questions, and I’ve had to go to them a lot.
they provided me a lot of guidance. I actually really do like doing all the work and I’m still learning. the farther I
go in this, the more respect I have for what Joann did and knew. Hellriegel: You can resign. Newton: Thank
you for all your doing. Nolan: I’ll be honest with you, from a board standpoint it’s one of the best things we’ve
ever done, is appoint her to this position. Cause actually, one of the best things for the taxpayers of the
Township is getting this thing in line, because it comes down to assessed value. Regardless what anyone says
it comes down to assessed value, nothing else matters. You can’t even start working the budgets without
assessed values. Bushong: It’s true. Nolan: It’s truly where it all begins and it doesn’t matter if that’s not right in
government. Newton: Have you gotten a bill from them yet? Nolan: Who? Newton: County. Nolan: No, she
keeps calling me. They cancelled their meeting, I didn’t cancel the meeting. Am I wrong? Bushong: We’re
waiting now I guess. Nolan: I walked in the County building, at the time of the meeting and they said “Oh, we
can’t meet with you guys today.”Newton: Ok. Nolan: Then they called and said can you meet next week? No,
I’m busy. Newton: I can meet. I don’t mind going with to be an extra set of ears. Nolan: That’s ok. Newton: Or
have questions.
Chris Russell: I have a question, is the Town Fund the same thing as Capital Fund? Are those the same?
Nolan: It’s in the same, here’s the thing is, Park Donations, general Assistance Fund, it’s all in the Town Fund,
but it’s broken into separate checking accounts. That’s what you’re doing breaking down into separate
checking accounts. Russell: I’m sorry I meant Town Hall Fund. Nolan: No, it’s a…Russell: Is Town Hall Fund
same as Capital Fund? Nolan: Yes. Russell: Ok. Nolan: That’s what it’s being revised. Newton: It will be.
Nolan: It will be. Russell: That’s the next one being pulled out of Town…Nolan: Correct, sorry, yes. In the
budget line item it says Town Hall Fund. Russell: And that will be changed, the name will change to Capital.
Nolan: The name will change to Capital, Town/Multi-Use Fund or something like that. Did I adjourn? No, I didn’t
yet. Can I get a motion to adjourn the meeting? Standish: I make a motion to adjourn the meeting. Nolan:
Second? Hellriegel: Second. Nolan: All in favor? Board: Aye. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:51 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, (Hand notes by Trustee Newton & audio recording)
Susan Coffey, Clerk

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