2020.02.10 Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 6:59 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Assessor
Bushong, Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey.
There was a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held January 13, 2020 as submitted by Trustee Hellriegel with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
PUBLIC COMMENTS – James Bowden (Peotone resident) presents Referendum materials, in his opinion
there is confusion regarding how the Referendum is being presented by Mr. Moore (Peotone Schools Business Manager). He can document everything on the information sheets submitted as read (attached). Stating no exaggerations or untruths. He has outlined individually each of these issues and what it means to taxpayers. He has also submitted the information to the Vedette and Facebook. He is in attendance so people could hear & spread the word for the March 17th vote. Bushong: Are these numbers strictly Green Garden or…? Bowden: Just Green Garden, however, he has breakdown for every township.
James & Diane Francis in attendance for record, requesting bond money be returned. Money given to Road Commissioner on 10-17-17 for building new home in Green Garden. I want bond back. Massat: You done? Francis: I’m not done, but want bond back. Massat: Until you get done, let me ask you a question, thought I saw a skid steer there the other day. Francis: There was. Massat: Did you move that in? It’s not there now. Francis: I moved it in for 1 day, to try and knock down the hill. Massat: Well, we’re in the frost law now. Francis: Let me tell you what I did. Massat: You disobeyed the frost law. Francis: Let me tell you what I did. Massat: I don’t care. Francis: I’m 722ft (my property) from outside Green Garden Township, so I had them drop at corner of Rt 80 & Offner Rd. I drove on field and I crossed the Road, crossed the road of 20ft. You kept telling me you want these hills knocked down. I went to County on this, they said they’re ok with me doing it in the spring & planting grass on it. You’re telling me I gotta do it now. Massat: How you gonna knock those piles down? Francis: Gonna get a skid steer, the same way I made the pile, I’m going to take it down. Massat: You’re going to have to bring in equipment. Francis: I’m going to bring in the skid steer, it’s under 10,000lbs, under 5 tons, gonna bring in same way. I’m 722ft from the road. Massat: When you get done you’ll get your money back. Francis: That’s not fair Bob. Massat: That’s the way it is. Francis: This is 2 ½ years. Massat: Everybody goes the same way. Nolan: You just got your final thing done from County this fall, you’re still hauling dirt in there this fall. Francis: Last time I brought dirt was August. Nolan: Still hauling dirt this fall. Francis: August last time.
August to May 1st, that’s almost a year. Nolan: You were just bringing dirt in this fall, October. Francis: August, last time I brought dirt in. Next time I’ll be able to satisfy what Bob wants is May, or sooner if dirt is not frozen. Nolan: You still have to bring equipment. Francis: No, just skid steer. Skid steer made pile, the skid steer gonna knock it down. I knocked down ⅓ of it in 1 day. Massat: What about huge pile to the north? Francis: That’s gotta get knocked down with a skid steer, under 5 tons. Can I use this road if it’s under 5 tons? Massat: Which road? Francis: 80th ave., where I live, can I use if machine is under 5 tons? Massat: If you don’t disobey load limit, yeah. Francis: 5 tons is limit, machine is 9100lbs. Massat: You have to make sure you don’t push it into the wetlands. Francis: I’m not going to push it into wetlands, you’re not in charge of that. Will County is. Massat: Well, if you block my waterway… Francis: Will County told me your jurisdiction ends at the road. This is the County officials, the person I paid my permit to build the house, both of the managers, not the low level guys that do the inspections. They told me your jurisdiction ends at the road. As long as I don’t violate the road, return the bond. Massat: I won’t know until job is done, simple as that. Francis: Job between me & you is done already, I am bringing skid steer anytime I want, yes? Under 5 tons? Massat: Yes, under 5 tons, take care of it
now. Francis: It’s frozen, can’t do now. Massat: It ain’t frozen. Francis: I spent 10 hours two Sundays ago, it’s rock solid frozen. Massat: Tell you right now, not getting it back until all piles are sown and leveled off. End of story. Francis: Bob, that’s not your jurisdiction, this is a problem with you. You take your job farther than it’s supposed to be. Nolan: I’ll defend Bob on some things, I’ll tell you this, when you were hauling dirt down road, you called me. Francis: Right. Nolan: You said you got fined & you didn’t know why they were bringing dirt to your house, they dug from over by the church. Francis: Right. Nolan: I called and you said you got dirt hauled to your house. You said, I don’t know who they were, and I don’t know why they hauled dirt to my house. Francis: I didn’t. Nolan: That’s what you told me. Francis: That’s the truth. He called me a liar (Bob). That was the truth, I didn’t authorize that. Nolan: They drove around in dump trucks finding places… Francis: I called all the excavators… Nolan: You see where I’m at, people don’t drive around dump trucks dumping on people’s property, you had to tell them to come to your house. Francis: I didn’t, you got a bible, I’ll swear on it. I put word out to excavators to help bring material in, but to call me first, and then call Bob. I had PT Ferro… Nolan: It’s just kinda odd, people driving around township looking to dump dirt. You had to tell them to come to your house. Francis: I didn’t, what I thought was, builder told DT Excavating, out of Manteno, to help me out. No one
will say if they did that. I’m not stupid, when I had PT Ferro & Austin Tyler, the big trucking compamy
contracting to bring dirt. The first person to call was Bob. I told them to call Bob. They knew Bob. I called Police because I did not authorize it. I had to chase down that fine. Took me 8 months, on the 1st fine to get $1,000 out of contractor. Nolan: That’s why we do cash bonds. Francis: But we’re done with this, this dirt is 400ft back, not bothering roads, not in floodplain, not going to be in floodplain. It’s going to be up against my house. Nolan: You have a lot of dirt to move, not my jurisdiction, but you have a lot to move. Francis: I’m the one that put it there. Instead of small slope from house, I’m gonna have bigger slope, and I’m gonna make a berm. Nolan: Which is where the waterway is. Francis: No it’s not, house not in waterway. I invited you & Bob to come out, invitation still open. Nolan: I told you set up appointment with him, I’ll come out there. Francis: No point in talking to Bob, cause he’s the way he is. How many years 30-35? Massat: Yeah. Francis: Ok. Massat: Everyone same way, don’t get bond back until driveway paved, concrete, lawn is in, and grass, everybody’s same way. Francis:I have grass. Massat: Everything has to be leveled off, driveway paved or concrete, all that has to be done before those people get their bonds back. You’re not the only guy. Francis: I have gravel driveway. Massat: Everybody same way, leveled off, up to par, & then they get their money back. If not, they don’t get their money back. You’re no different than the guys in subdivisions. Francis: I’m a lot different, I’m A-1 zoning, I’m on farm property. Massat: Don’t mean nothing to me. Francis: Not affecting any of my neighbors, not a floodplain. Massat: You on 10 acres? Francis: I’m 14 acres. Massat: Doesn’t matter if you’re 20-50, end
of story, bye. Nolan: Jim, call me up, we’ll set appointment, I’ll come out. Francis: I keep calling & we’re not making a connection. Massat: I call you all the time, you don’t return my call. Francis: You know what Bob? You & I can’t see eye to eye. It’s your way or the highway. Massat: That’s right. Francis: I’m a taxpayer, lived here 41 years, you smile, 41 years in this township. Massat: No, you lived in Peotone. Francis: Right across the road. Nolan: This conversation’s stopping now. Massat: Bye. Nolan: Jim, I’ll talk to you. Francis: I appreciate it.
Schultz: Thanks Bob for roads after few inclement days we had, with ice & everything. You spread salt nice, you or your workers. Massat: Thank you. Schultz: Do you have salt here? Massat: Get salt from Frankfort Township, he bids through state, I pay what he bids it. Schultz: When you need, you can get? Massat: Yes, Sir. Schultz: This weekend you’ll be at it again? Massat: Yes, Sir. I’ll tell my guys, thank you.
PLANNING COMMISSION – Murday: Planning Commission thanks Board for February 1st dinner. All
members (new & old), & majority of spouses met before dinner, great idea for their volunteer work to be
recognized. Thank you. Nothing pending before P.C. in March. Sent something last week & again today, folks interested in growing cannabis in Green Garden Township. Forward ordinance passed by County Board effective December 11, 2019. Permitted with Special Use, certain zoning (A-1), cannabis craft grower and cannabis cultivation centers both permitted as a right. Permitted C-1 thru C-4, I-1 thru I-3 zoned property. Tracy property on LaGrange rezoned A-1 to I-1 to help leasing, individual who came to County interested in that parcel for growing cannabis, dismayed council was here and made no mention of this. However, County said A-1 or I-1 cannabis growing is a matter of right. Another matter this Thursday, 10656 Stuenkel, applicant interested in growing cannabis. Currently zoned A-2, reason at County, he needs to go from A-2 to A-1. County to get back to Murday after pre-application meeting. Applicant’s phone number had a Miami area code, which was conveyed to County. Nolan: I don’t think owner actually lives there. Murday: We do have a say there because a Map Amendment would be required. Nolan: Frankfort would have a say so, as well as Tracy’s farm if I’m not mistaken? Murday: Zoned A-1 or I-1 there is no say. If Map Amendment or Variance then 1 ½ buffer applies. Permitted right for those zoned A-1 or I-1, only parcels we have input is Map Amendment. Nolan: There’s got to be some laws on growing & security. Murday: In order to grow, get a license through state, your plans, security, extremely expensive and the bar is set high. Third inquiry, what is the feel in Green Garden Township
about growing? Murday: Growing & selling are 2 different things. Ordinance separates those out, craft
cultivation just grows flowers, and the cultivation centers are permitted to grow & manufacture. Three inquiries in a month, township going to be faced with this. Standish: Do they grow outside or inside? Do they have double wire fences? How do they keep people from picking? Murday: All cultivated inside. Extremely secure. State has guidelines regarding growing, security, & backup security before giving license. 2500ft buffer from schools, residences, churches, a number of things, lots of conceptions & misconceptions. Coffey: Is there a difference in tax? How is it assessed? Bushong: It’s gonna be Commercial, for that portion. Is whole thing farm use? Is partial? Is someone living on property? Understanding is we could benefit from tax dollars. Coffey: Some on productivity? Right Don? Hellriegel: Yes. Murday: It is brand new to County as well, just keeping in touch with each other, there’s not one particular person to talk to, very disputed ordinance with Larry Walsh casting the deciding vote passing the ordinance. Nolan: Everyone learning, we have to follow the law.
HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER’S REPORT – Nolan: Just salt & snow? Massat: That’s right.
ASSESSOR’S REPORT – Will County Supervisor of Assessments website will change this year, integrating
with PAMS, showing more detail. More important for me to get my PAMS information loaded ASAP. Change in website to same company as the PAMS software. We have option to integrate with their website, follow suit, and use them for hosting website. Cherie, maybe could have a conversation regarding? Newton: We can talk about it. When is implementation? Bushong: Sometime in 2020.
Bushong: General Homestead Exemption changes, in past, you did not have to complete a form and sign.
Proof used to be utility bills & drivers license. State of Illinois changed the form. Now you swear under oath that you only have 1 residence and that is the 1 in the state of Illinois. Quite a few people out there claim this exemption on 2 homes. Nolan: What are they cleaning up? Bushong: Trying to eliminate having exemptions on more than 1 home, if you sign this form, your swearing under oath that you only have 1 residence claiming GHE. I’ve already come across some here, they have in Green Garden and in Frankfort. Nolan: Who follows up on that and checks if they’re doing it or not? Affidavits, I know what they are, no one ever follows up. Bushong: I don’t know who polices it, if I come across it, I have to report it. Nolan: But, you’re only going to if they have in Green Garden, not Frankfort, Monee, or if they have down in Florida? Bushong: Maybe, just saying people that move or build here have to fill out this form. It’s on the County website. Bushong: Met with Trevor Moore (Peotone School Business Manager) introduced myself, discussed any township tax concerns. Out of the 5 townships that pay taxes into Peotone 207U, Green Garden is the largest chunk, I found that interesting. Nolan: Seems odd. Bushong: Explained to me as high end, large homes. Nolan: They have so much Industrial… Wagner: Commercial. Bushong: Not that much. Massat: Peotone don’t have nothing for Commercial. Bushong: There may be more houses, but assessed at a lower value. Bushong: Submitted a copy of Rhonda Novak’s letter to Board for record. Respectfully submitted my Budget for 2020-2021 to the Board, all details broken down, additional pages include line item explanations (both attached).
TRUSTEE’S REPORT – Newton: “Will Ride” Intergovernmental Agreement, questions needing to be
addressed. Preface: This is for seniors, residents that are disabled, or temporarily disabled for use for therapy & medical only. Wagner: Does it actually say that in this document? I didn’t read it in here. Newton: It mentions gross cost of trips. Bushong: My understanding was limited budget, we decide to administrate it & to whom. Newton: That is under our scope, second question, I want to confirm we do have that on our side, that it states that more clearly. Also, the legal aspect, indemnification, I don’t know if we have to have a layer of insurance? In this agreement we are the “sponsor”. If any loss, damage, destruction, injury, or death occurs to any person or property during course of sponsors performance of its obligations under this agreement, we will not hold County liable. (Indemnification 6.0-6.1) Wagner: It says County, its officers, officials, employees, and agents Newton: I took it to mean PACE, and before we sign, I think we should have attorney read before we agree. I could ask Wendie (PACE administrator). Wagner: Other question, section 3.5, County shall determine cost that sponsor shall be liable for as follows…but section 2.5 says “but in no event shall sponsors cost exceed $3000.
Newton: That’s our budget. Wagner: So, no matter what they come up with in 3.5 it’s not going to exceed $3000? Newton: It won’t, it can’t. Nolan: I thought there was a 60 day clause to get out of this too. Newton: There is, 17.1, either party terminate 60 day written notice. Can I forward to Mr. Mahoney (attorney)? Nolan: Make sure we have written out what questions & concerns are. Newton: Insurance, liability specifically. Nolan: And difference in 2.5, 3.5, & 6.1. Newton: We’ll touch again next month, after speaking with attorney. Board: Thanks Cherie.
NEW BUSINESS – None on agenda
OLD BUSINESS – Nolan: Two things, Assessor’s Budget & discuss 20-21 Budget. Bushong: Summarizes,
documents are attached as read. Two documents submitted, Budget & detailed explanation pages for each line item. Anticipate after this year’s budget to go down after initial year of added costs for “start up”. Issue for concern: Not having more computer hardware & 2nd PAMS license, an assistant may dial in, scares me because they would have complete access to my records & I have no control (another question for attorney). These are just some things to consider. Actual Budget ending $43,000, listed what is expected to go down, a lot built into this year that would not be carried forward. Nolan: This is like 20% of our overall budget anyways, we cut the rest of the Budget so much already, we need to fill this into our regular budget. Bushong: Sent Bill detailed hardware breakdown awhile back. Wagner: PAMS scanner, I’m guessing no such thing as PAMS scanner? Bushong: I can buy on Amazon $600. Wagner: Scans both sides at same time? Bushong: Yes, it has something, I don’t understand the technology, but when you hook it up to PAMS it takes data & populates into PAMS, which is incredible to me. Nolan: If I’m not mistaken, the Assessor’s Budget used to be $18,000, the Road District is paying us back $20,000 for loan anyways. The Township’s never really put money into this department at all, and it’s one of the most important. We don’t need to go over this tonite, I sent everybody last time (will send to Newton, she did not receive). I’ll start putting Jane’s into our regular budget & go from there for next meeting. Board: Thanks Bushong.
Striggow: I talked to County on this variance on Dralle Rd., just to see what was going on. Are we no longer notified of variances? Wagner: I don’t think we were ever notified of variances, which is a problem. Striggow: I thought at one time…Massat: We were notified quite a bit of anything going, but I don’t know if they don’t put pressure on them, the County bypasses them, and the board don’t say…Striggow: Do we have new contacts? Wagner: I don’t think County ordinances say that they have to notify us of a variance, Special Use & zoning changes, yes. As long as I’ve been here I don’t think they have to notify of variances, which I think is huge problem. Nolan: So what happened over there? Striggow: (Summarizes) Had 9 horses, entitled to 1 horse per acre (she is on 6.6 acres), 2.1 acres in pasture & paddock (other acreage buildings, home & trees). So, now on 2 acres & she wants another 9 horses (totalling 18). I was surprised it didn’t come before Green Garden. Someone at County knew, and it would be nice if they came back to us. Wagner: It would. Nolan: Got a call from a gentleman on Stuenkel (going for variance), asking what we could do for him? I said, didn’t even know about it. He stated it was going before County board tomorrow. Striggow: I think it’s a matter of what is being
informed. Nolan: Only reason I knew was because of sign in front. Guy on Stuenkel, I never saw a sign in front of his place. Striggow: My concern, it would be nice to know if something is going on. Nolan: Don Murday, you requested that once before & they said they don’t have to. Murday: What they shared was since County reached a certain level, certain things aren’t triggered. Township not notified of variance, only map amendments & special use. My understanding is the Road District DOES get notice of things when variances are sought for whatever input the Road District might have. Planning Commission & Supervisor does not need to be. I shared our frustration. They said they would try to work with us, give notice, but not required to. Concerned about voluntarily assuming, but not required, and having that become a requirement. Striggow: Can’t County Committee vote on this for all townships? Wagner: I would think so, you can’t become less restrictive, but you can become more restrictive. Who better to know the desired characteristics of the area, than the township. Striggow: Right, when I had a chance to say something, everybody there said, what do you mean Green Garden needs to know about this? Murday: There are a number of townships that don’t have active Planning Commissions, or active say in County level. I’ve been told, Green Garden is one of few townships having an active PC that is involved with County, as well as Board, making a stand. Striggow: I’d like to see you guys get that. Schultz: Did County vote that down? Striggow: Yes.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote:
Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk

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