2020.03.09 Meeting Minutes

MARCH 9, 2020

The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 6:59 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Standish, Newton, Hellriegel, Commissioner Massat, Supervisor Nolan, Assessor Bushong, and Clerk Coffey.
There was a motion to approve the minutes as submitted for the regular meeting held February 10, 2020 by Trustee Standish with a second by Trustee Hellriegel. Voice vote: Motion carried.
PUBLIC COMMENTS (3 min. limit) – Mr. Bowden in attendance, submitted summary regarding referendum
(attached). Bowden: On 1 page you can look up what tax increase will be, broken down by 5 townships. Other page is what people aren’t being told. Taxpayers receive permanent tax reduction after High School debt paid. School District workshops manipulate to pass $4.3 million tax increase, replacing permanent tax reduction with permanent tax increase. Senior citizens will get raises, freeze only freezes assessment, not the idea of going up. Saying it’s for students, enrollment down 36%. Since 2008, 820 vacant seats in the 5 buildings. Stewardship of assets, they gave away the 1 school, lost 90% of value of 27 acres (includes principal & interest). $2,183,000.00 they spent on 27 acres, now worth 10% of that total. Administrative salaries $593,476.74 for 4 people each year. Stein says this, and the board backs him up “District entitled to tax rate increase because Peotone’s tax rate is lower than other school districts.” That’s his way of thinking. That’s why they lost all the money on the land & been doing for years. My opposition always about blowing money on land, we are not developers, supposed to be running schools. Academics over last 3 years tests, we’re better than the 4 districts surrounding us, all in same boat as us. Ironic, Beecher has even said they would like to get their academics up to level of Peotone. We’re doing well educating the kids. The business manager stated “Those other districts all pay more & Peotone should be paying more.” Nolan: Time up. Bowden: You paid for this (referendum postcard) 7,000 people. Law allows them to use taxpayer money. Wagner: The 27 acres, is that paid for? Bowden: Yes, we own, they don’t like to talk about it, 90% loss, sitting there. Saying we’re earning money from farmer, some say, waiting for it to come back, they’re never gonna get 2 million back from
crops, it’s never going to be paid for. It all started with the 80 acres they bought. Nolan: Thanked Bowden. Wagner: Reading what you wrote made me understand before going to the meeting, what’s really going on. Nolan: Exactly. Bowden: I’m not lying or exaggerating. Wagner: It’s how you word things, like the signs out there, the 31% increase in tax rate is correct. What does the other sign say? Hellriegel: Like $3 a student. Bowden: Says, vote for students. If it said, vote for referendum, they couldn’t use taxpayer money. That’s what their lawyer said, but I dealt with him in a FOIA and he’ll lie. I won, from attorney general because of it, he blacked out everything , and after a year of invoices, there were 5 words blacked out.
Bobbi Schultz submitted documents regarding property on Dralle Rd. (attached). Schultz: Still struggling with Land Use to do their job. I FOIA’d because meeting Dec. 3rd, none of neighbors notified about special use or variance. Homeowner thought by not telling neighbors, no one would show up. They told her “Can’t do that, come back Jan. 7th. Came back, they were denied. Land use is simply not going to do their jobs. Last week a truck delivered more horses. 9 in one turn out, she is limited to 6, not zoned for business. I counted 14 horses with 3 being delivered. More horse prints in my yard, never stops, fences are inadequate. Went to Land Use, asked when they would enforce zoning? I called Land Use at 5:00 the last day they could have appealed, Dawn stated “Last day & she is not here.” I went in with more pictures of damage to my property, trailers dropping more horses. Janine came out, spoke to Dawn. Dawn came back, said “Sorry, she filed appeal.” She’s allowed to file appeal late? I have begged Brian (useless) Parker to come inspect & enforce. Brian Parker stated,”Those horses are her friends.” I told him, “Her friends go home, these friends are still there when I get up at 4:30 a.m.” He told me to have a good weekend & hung up. Property owner Anthony Rosa has webpage “thesecondfez” dedicated to drive-by shootings (photo submitted). Nolan: Time…Bobbi Schultz: He is a convicted class X felon & I called Sheriff’s, no one is helping me. Hellriegel: Thank you. Nolan: Don (Murday), is this what was sent to me about Land Use appeal? Murday: I sent you what was sent to me by Janine Farrell, indicating standards & review, Land Use said No, Land Use Committee said No. Now filed appeal to Planning & Zoning Commission. Bobbi Schultz: April 14, 10:30 at 302 N Chicago, but they still didn’t file on time. Nolan: Who does it go in front of? Murday: Will be heard in front of the Land Use Development Committee meeting, not yet in front of full board. Nolan: So, if committee approves or denies, it can appeal to
full board? Murday: Correct, full board would need ¾ vote. Bobbie: Why are they allowed to keep breaking the law in the meantime? Nolan: That’s a good question for your 2 County Board Commissioners. Buddy Schultz: Mr. Massat, can you twist an arm in Frankfort, so you can drive on those 2 roads? Massat: I call all the time, other day they were out with their patching machine. Schultz: 2 shovels & gone. Massat: And they’re gone, I call and say “What are you guys gonna do with these roads?” Schultz: Both terrible. Massat: They’re falling apart, they don’t do nothing. Coffey: Which roads? Massat: 88th Ave & Stuenkel Rd. ¾ mile one way & ½ mile the other way. You see what they did to Steger Rd., patch here & there and falling apart again. I will call. Schultz: Have you spoken to the Mayor? Massat: I don’t know if I could or not, his main thought is people in middle of town, few people out there don’t even vote for him. Striggow: Is there any way we’re getting notification of these appeals? Murday: Notice doesn’t get sent to me, the only reason I looked up was because Sue had mentioned to me. I sent email about appeal and that’s the info I got. Nolan: That’s the problem, they don’t send to us. Bobbi: I’ll draft this off to you tomorrow. I also did FOIA for all complaint appeals, I asked if we were going to be notified of appeal. They said “No.” Striggow: Is there any way we could ask them to: Cherie: Could you ask Janine to cc me on email, and then I can distribute it? Murday: I’ll raise the notice issue & non-enforcement issue, and see what answers I can get. Bobbi: I have pics of 14 horses I can see, not including more in barn. Nolan: That’s problem with County at times, we don’t get notified. If we ask they will keep us informed. Murday: Point Bill raised before, is to see if we can make some kind of change, that we are notified of variances. I do get pre-hearing agenda, kinda keep track of variances that way. It’s a meeting with applicants before they start the process, to help guide people where to go. Weekly, informal, and I am on that list. Schultz: Can anyone speak at this meeting? Murday: I suppose, if
you get there and sign in.
Nolan: AGENDA CHANGE – (Due to vote, and Trustee Hellriegel needs to leave)
NEW BUSINESS – Approval of the 2020 Annual Township Meeting Agenda (read & attached). There was a
motion to approve the Annual Meeting Agenda by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice vote: Motion carried. Nolan: Annual Town Meeting Tuesday, April 14. Regular meeting Monday before.
PLANNING COMMISSION – Murday: Nothing for March or April.
ASSESSOR’S REPORT – Bushong: Finally got all property record cards, Thanks Bob, organizing folders, file cabinets, and PAMS. Did develop (like a lot of other townships) a “Soft Appeal” form, hopefully avoid some formal appeals in the fall. Follow instructions, I ask for comparables, put together, and send back to me (not county). I am happy to look at it, if valid and justified, I’ll make the changes. If not, you still have right to appeal through County, residential only. I did approach County about cannabis business and assessments. County is still making final determinations on how to assess. We have had interest in growing.
TRUSTEE’S REPORT – Nolan: Cherie “Will Ride?” Newton: You had me under Old Business. Nolan: You can
bring up now. Newton: Gave our Township attorney agreement “Will Ride” asked us to sign off on. Liability was not clear to me, insurance as to who was liable if damage to mailbox, or an injury, anything. Attorney responded with her proposed changes, which were substantial. I sent it to Wendie at Will Ride, and she responded “Nope, that’s not going to change.” Something about federal regulations, no changes. So, I relayed to our attorney. I got info, it was drafted in 2012. Our attorney has her revisions and was going to contact Mary Tatroe at Will County. I think our attorney feels strongly, as written we shouldn’t move forward without clarification. I will let you know what I find out before next meeting. Have had calls asking when it is starting. If anyone wants to see proposed changes, changes did not show up on print or forwarding emails (due to coloring & format) but may be viewed on my computer (in tow).
SUPERVISOR’S REPORT – Nolan: Fiscal year ending, will be getting everything to accountant for review and audit. Newton: When is audit? Nolan: Audit not due till September,the state. We close out the books April 1st and get everything to accountant and start doing audits from there. Newton: Is that Steve or Rex? Nolan: Steve and Rex both, I give to Steve, he gives to Rex. We’re about $85,000 under budget, did a good job this year, coming into fiscal year, just an FYI.
OLD BUSINESS – Nolan: Discuss Assessors Budget, you want to table till next meeting, didn’t pull info.
Newton: When does this need to be finalized? Nolan: I think we’re 3 months ahead, wanna say June.
Bushong: I thought fiscal year, nothing goes forward till June? Wagner: Has to be finalized with County in
June, we’re allowed to spend in advance of that. Fiscal year ends March 31st. Bushong: What do I need to do to get approval to spend, I have to have answers to County pretty soon. Wagner: From County, for what? Bushong: I either have to hire, or hire the County, and they want to know now. I’m a little confused on this process. Nolan: What’s the County want to know? Bushong: Do we need to hire them to do field work or am I hiring field techs? Spent Sunday (with husband) in 5 Oaks, 6-7 alone (new construction) they are popping up. That’s not counting pole barns & everything else. Nolan: I don’t think anyone on Board had problem with (Assessor’s) Budget, did we? Wagner: Do we hire somebody or County? We need to figure what County charges and…Bushong: County is expensive, I have those figures, I can look, charged per parcel. Nolan: I think $18,000 last year, I think $100 or so a parcel. Bushong: I spent 4 hours (2 of us), and only got 6 done. It’s a lot of work. Nolan: Can we approve Assessor’s Budget before ours? Bushong: I can tell them on a temp basis until June? Wagner: What does it mean to them? Bushong: They use a 3rd party. Wagner: Is it an option to go straight to 3rd party? Bushong: Cannot do it. County contracts them & we pay County, it’s part of their agreement. They helped with Green Garden Country Club’s appeal where they helped tremendously and we prevailed. Very good, and probably faster. Wagner: Hoped to cut out the middleman. Nolan: Actually I paid the 3rd party, not County. Bushong: County wants it done right, they have stated “If I’m not able to do effectively, through hiring, or whatever, then it’s in everyone’s best interest to have County. Newton: Has anything changed in your budget since last month? You would submit same thing today? Bushong: Other than possibly this thing, that is to consider letting them pick up some parcels until maybe June or until you’re ready. I’m also kinda edging for help entering PAMS data too, I’m falling behind. Newton: Can we put on agenda to vote on in April? Nolan: We can put on next month’s agenda, it’s really a line item for us anyway. We’ve been hammering on our budgets, and her side of budget, we were all kind of fine on discussion. We can put on agenda for next month, take care of that & move on. Just let me know fixed cost on that side. Bushong: Thank you. Nolan: I’ll put approval of Assessor’s Budget for 20-21. Striggow: Jane, do you do commercial assessing? Bushong: Yes. Striggow: Mostly residential? Bushong: It doesn’t mean I don’t have sources out there. I do work with County very closely. I consult with County a lot on commercial stuff. Nolan: Jane, I apologize, my oversight, for some reason I thought you were ok til June. My oversight, I should have had it done when you had it up front of you then. Wasn’t paying attention, sorry.
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote:
Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:37 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk

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