2020.06.08 Budget Hearing Minutes

JUNE 8, 2020

The Green Garden Budget hearing was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 6:45 p.m. Supervisor Nolan
read the Township Budget & Appropriation Ordinance TF2020-02, and the Road District Budget &
Appropriation Ordinance RD2020-02(RB2020-02).
COMMENTS: Striggow: Questions $10,000 Town Hall Maintenance. Is this janitorial service? Nolan: No.
Striggow: $4,000 Equipment? Nolan: Replace equipment, say furnace, maintenance includes, like windows, roof, no janitorial services on Town Hall. We did at one time pay $6,600, now the guys on the clock doing it. Striggow: Used to be done at $50 a pop. What is the “Rental” line item? Nolan: Farm property. Striggow: Why don’t we rent Town Hall anymore? Nolan: HOA can use, boy scouts used to use. Utility costs outweigh income. Now just Town Hall. Striggow: Then, why not make Town Hall an office? Also, “Zero Dollar Funds” like “Retirement Fund” should have zeros in them, looks like they were looked over this way. How many employees in IMRF? Nolan: 3 or 4. Wagner: New Road Commissioner might be in IMRF. Schultz: $9,000 Office Rental, do we use that? Nolan: It’s budgeted, we budget $2,000 per person for office rental. Penny, Me, Sue, and Jane, so $8,000. Schultz: That’s $8,000, why not use 1 office if we want to cut Town Hall big cost? Nolan: Town Hall may be able to be Landmark status. Striggow: It’s not registered Landmark. Nolan: We would have to have sprinklers, etc – more cost. Striggow: What is “Miscellaneous Income” in the Road & Bridge $23,000. Wagner: Sometimes Utility Co. pay for anticipated fees. Bob bought the F150 with that money. Striggow: What is MFT reimbursement? Nolan: We can bill County back if we do some of the work ourselves. If we haul for them, we can build it back in. Striggow: Why isn’t MFT anticipated as a line item? Nolan: County does it all, contract, do the work, everything. Striggow: Wouldn’t you put it in the budget? Not showing the revenue. Nolan: County has control of that Fund. Striggow: Who gets “Health Insurance?” Nolan: 4 or 3 on health insurance, don’t have exact people. Striggow: Does Road Commissioner have to have CDL? Nolan: All employees how have to have CDL, Road Commissioner doesn’t need CDL. Other CDL drivers make $85,000 a year driving trucks. Employees now have CDL’s, not needed for the Road Commissioner. Murdock: Why doesn’t the Road Commissioner need a CDL? According to his wife, he plowed, where’s his CDL? Nolan: Employees using trucks requiring CDL’s have them. We need to open the Regular Meeting.

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