2020.08.10 Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 10, 2020

The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Nolan at 7:00 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Roll Call
In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Standish, Hellriegel, Assessor Bushong, Commissioner Hilliard, Supervisor Nolan, and Clerk Coffey (Via phone).
There was a motion to approve the minutes as submitted from the regular meeting held July 13, 2020 by
Trustee Hellriegel with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice vote: Motion carried.
● Nancy Keane, 10850 Bruns Rd. reports they have been dealing with flooding issues for decades. Decreasing property values, water lays for days, eroding land, mosquitos, unhealthy, weeks before you can cut grass, & emergency vehicles can not access when flooded. Has cost her 4 transmissions and something needs to be done. She has pictures and petition signed by everyone on the block. Nolan: Asks for info, explains we’re trying to get something together to address the issues and will follow up.
● Bobbi Schultz, Dralle Rd. stated horse property issue, went to County Board in the past, variance denied, called asking when it would be enforced? Told by Tim Mack (Land Use) 15 horses allowed (she has 18).Met with Janine Farrell & Tim Mack, told property owner approved for “grandfathering” status under their advice, even after denial by County Board. Nolan: Spoke to Moustis regarding denial, he was not aware of the “grandfathering” status. Nolan: Even if grandfathered in the 70’s, County changed everything in 79. Moustis to call Land Use to look into, Nolan to follow up. Nolan: 15 horses on 6 acres is too much. Wagner: Gross misuse of the word “grandfathered,” never should have been granted to begin with. Nolan: Also contacted Code Enforcement on some things and they never get back to me, with Covid, no one answers, goes to voicemail. Discussion ensues regarding “grandfathering” and evidence used to obtain, and other code violations. Wagner: If you go all the way back, it was private use, not boarding.
● Monroe Striggow: Fawn Landscaping offered Road District & Township to go look at trees, bushes, and plants. Willing to donate for Township purposes, may ask for small donation. We are to supply truck for transport. Please let Monroe know if we are interested.
● Bobbi Schultz: Can someone come fix our ditch across road (8543 W Dralle), washing out. Commissioner Hilliard to look at.
● Murday: Nothing on agenda for September.
● Committee to address water issues, sent Planning Committee inquiry for interest, no interest voiced. Murday: Suggests to meet, gather information on areas suffering, homeowners affected, and put contact info on website. After gathering info, approach County.
● Murday reports receiving information regarding horse property (shared email response from County) having been denied by Land Use and Full County Board, now has granted, use on property in 70’s for training & boarding, property then sold, was rented. The code changed, owner approached County and was approved as “grandfathered” in. Land Use stated the use was running with the land, not the individual. When the variance was denied, they pursued “grandfathering.” Murday: My issue, County was aware the Township, residents and County Board were opposed. If evidence was permitted for this “grandfathering”, there ought to be ability for others to provide evidence to challenge what was tendered by the applicant, that never happened. After this & the gun club, we need to have a better more forthright relationship with County. May need to build up political currency with County. I will look at evidence pursuant to FOIA request. Nolan to speak to one of the Board members/commissioners. In past Jim & I have met with Larry Walsh regarding gun club, he had nothing but the finest things to say about
Green Garden, he felt the community was involved, wanted a voice in what was happening, and appreciated that. I will endeavor to address. Nolan: Not your fault Don, we figured County would do what they are supposed to, do their job. Discussion regarding “grandfathering” and evidence not provided, gathering information on both matters before approaching County for meeting. Nolan to set up meeting with Murday & Moustis. Discussion on drainage issues also ensued.
Past Operations
● PT Ferro issue resolved (street sweep Canterbury, picked up asphalt spoil piles, fixed curb at Links Edge, and street repair in Whispering Prairie).
● Three Entry culverts installed
● 3 Emergency call outs (2 Will Co. Police & 1 Manhattan Twp).
● 1996 Ford sold at auction for $775 our portion $735.50
● Approximately 400 feet of ditches reshaped – Bruns, Offner, & Pauling
● 3 New construction permits
● All A-1 road prep completed
● Street Lights in Charlevoix repaired.
● Acquired 84 inch roller from Wilton Township saving Road Dist. about $7500 (Thanks Wilton)
● All CDL drivers enrolled in DOT FMCSA (Fed Motor Carrier Safety Admin) now compliant

Present Operations
● Roads prepped for A-3 application Thursday & Friday, Monday (17th) A-3 application
● Ditch mowing 95% complete, 1-2 miles left
● Increase in traffic on Scheer due to detour, working with New Ag for Calcium carbonate mix
● Contacted Will County traffic enforcement for Bruns, Dralle & Scheer, increase patrol. Hoping for scale because of the semi’s (10 ton limit). They are aware of it. Residents may do the same.
Future Operations
● Tar & chip A-1 – A-3
● Finish ditch mowing
● Start tree trimming program
● Sweep chips on 88th Ave & Dralle
● August 25th participate in EPA tire recycling program (in Chicago Heights) we have 80 tires, most from ditches. We will also participate in the Electronic waste disposal.
Other Governmental Operations
● State working on new shoulders, guard rail, & rumble strips on Manhattan-Monee Rd from Center to Brynn (August thru December)
Supervisor Nolan questioned work in Charlevoix, the roads aren’t ours. Hilliard: They aren’t, but eventually will be, and I’m not going to let people suffer because they got caught in the 2008 downturn. Assessed the light issue & Homerding had it all fixed in 15 minutes. Nolan: Does Aqua still own? Hilliard: Not sure, I could find out. Striggow: Is traffic being detoured onto your roads? Hilliard: It’s more the people familiar with the roads using them. Discussion regarding how State may be responsible for extra use of our roads, due to those not following detour. Schultz: Chips spread Friday, enough to make dusty. Hilliard: Main focus is to secure the roads, keep in good shape. May not be good for ditch, but when the farm vehicles go up & down, they rip them apart. If I have to go back and sweep ditch, I have to take that gamble, as opposed to repaving whole road.
ASSESSOR’S REPORT – (attached)
● Will County Supervisor of Assessments has a new & improved website. Encourage everyone to look at it, especially if you are questioning your taxes. Improved for comparable information regarding similar properties, tax forms, and instructions for appeals.
2020 Appeal Information
● Board of Review this fall will not have interactive hearings (face to face). Everything submitted online with justification.
● New Board of Review website within SOA website: www.willcountysoa.com very good step by step instructions provide additional information. Appeal process opens Aug. 12th thru Sept. 14th.
Striggow: Is there a cap on percentage of change from one year to another? Bushong: Last year everyone across the board had a 2% increase. Not sure if there is an actual “cap”, but I will look into. If you don’t want to go through a formal appeal through the County, there’s always the soft appeal with me. For spring, starting February 1st. Wagner: Does the Senior Freeze affect what Monroe is going through? Bushong: Freeze will keep assessed value from going up, I don’t know if that’s what he’s talking about without looking at it.
Standish: Last meeting discussed memorial for Robert Massat. International Bronze Plaque sent catalog.
Example submitted for fireman, would adjust to suit Road Commissioner with a picture of Bob to be taken to the yard & placed on the big rock facing office. Cost around $400. Nolan: This is very nice, I’m all on board. There was a motion to obtain plaque for Robert Massat by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Standish.  Voice vote: Motion carried. Clerk Coffey stated she didn’t hear anything that was just said. Nolan repeated. Newton: I will drop off checks to Sue for Township & Road District. Newton also gave Hilliard article in Kankakee paper regarding Rebuild Illinois Grant, Green Garden is listed for $39,000 received for 2nd round of Rebuild Illinois. Newton: I guess that means there was a 1st round? Hilliard: I think Jim knows more about it.
Nolan reports:
● Bob applied for with Anthony DeLuca, sent us a letter informing us we got a $30,000 grant for
Road District. Bob requested when they were doing Illinois 1st program about a year ago, finally
came in. Those that don’t know DeLuca, this is 2nd or 3rd grant given to Green Garden
Township in last 5 years. Bob requested this from him, it might take him a year or 2, but he gets
us something. Same with Commissioner Walsh, he gave us grants here & there for Township.
We need to get back to our State Reps & County Commissioners. DeLuca always been good to us. (Gave Hilliard paperwork). This is yours, we’ll figure where it goes, different funds got to go into.
● Start back room this month.
● Start shifting financial things, Penny eventually leaving Road, leaving us in general. Start conversations with Steve Weber (accountant) have him do more of the financials for us, cutting checks, auto deposits on some stuff. Talked with Hilliard about direct deposit for payroll, making things easier for us. Money from 1 end to other, if willing to pay Penny for the year for everything she’s doing, little more than cover what we got.
● Trustee Wagner called out for emergency (7:52).
● Emailed attorney regarding IMRF, I think must be voted on & approved by board. Two different places to look in book. One says Annual Town Meeting & other says Board. TOI says automatically there, back of the book states board vote based on hours. I will send attorney’s response when he answers. Striggow: How many on IMRF? Nolan: 2 Road employees. Striggow: Are we looking to do more than Health? Nolan: I was asked to look into IMRF, Massat got IMRF & got out of it 2-3 years ago. Striggow: He capped out. Nolan: Capped out, I don’t know what, he was out. I was asked for elected officials. I believe it needs to be voted by Board. Striggow: I think that’s for health, not elected officials, maybe the rules have changed. Nolan: Bob didn’t opt out, I think County switched rules 2 years ago, when County wasn’t allowed to do IMRF they voted out for elected officials, then Bob bailed out of it. Request to attorney, how it works, if it’s right or not, then has to be voted on. One at an Annual Meeting voted by residents,
other one, board has to approve hours & vote. Striggow: Which positions are we looking into? Nolan: Assessor.
● Budgets, month after next start getting levies together. Even though don’t know what’s going to go on. Get levies before budgets.
● Discuss advertisements on poles. Hellriegel: It’s illegal, you can remove. Nolan: They should take them down, and fine them. Maybe an ordinance on this. Hellriegel: I don’t think you need to, I believe it’s already illegal. Newton: Ask Ray Nugent. Nolan: Let’s see what other townships do, I believe in fining them as well.
OLD BUSINESS – Nolan: Already talked about flooding issues with Don (Murday).
● Schultz: Person north of us lit a fire Friday, big one, smoked us out. Frankfort Fire came out, said “Can’t do anything, you’re unincorporated, he can burn whatever he wants.” I said, can he smoke us out? They said, “File a complaint.” Schultz: That’s not true, you can not burn whatever you feel like. Talked to the Chief in Monee, he said, “They could have put that fire out if it was smoking out the houses.” Frankfort stated “Couldn’t put out unless homeowner wanted it put out.” There were 2 County Sheriffs there, they couldn’t do anything. Nolan to follow up with Frankfort Fire Chief. Hilliard: Depends on who you get. Saw Frankfort putting out corn stubble, I stated the farmer wants that to burn, he said, “Had to  put it out.” Schultz: Ordinance says can’t burn anything that’s not growing on your property, he had old wood, hay, & everything burning.
Nolan: Annual Town Meeting next Tuesday, August 18th at 6:30 p.m. (rescheduled from April)
There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Hellriegel with a second by Trustee Standish. Voice
vote: Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Coffey, Clerk

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