2021.12 December Assessor’s Report

Green Garden Township Assessor’s December 2020 Report For review at January 11, 2021 Township meeting

Jane Bushong, C.I.A.O. Assessor, Green Garden Township

On-going, standard Assessor tasks/projects

  • Appraiser, Real Estate, attorney, county and resident requests.
  • Visited new construction sites to apply assessed values as soon as occupancy is complete.
  • Data entry into PAMS system: property record card information, Sales, Permits, Appeals, photos, exemption paperwork, correspondence, new construction drawings and inquiries into PAMS.
  • Purchased 2nd laptop and submitted 2nd PAMS license invoice for payment. Delays in shipments due to COVID demands. Will load all in January (by end of month).
  • Began working on 2021-2022 Assessor budget, due by end of January, 2021
  • Submit final 2020 COVID-19 related expenses to Supervisor.
  • Attended (virtually) the Will County SOA-TA annual meeting to discuss upcoming 2021 anticipated assessment related changes, timelines and instructions.
  • Requested increase of contents insurance coverage through TOIRMA for Assessor’s office contents to $5000 in the event of a loss. Previously the Assessor’s office was not automated, so the amount of content coverage was far less. FYI – Laptops need to be insured under Inland Marine coverage since they are portable.
    • Provided TOIRMA content insurance policy to Supervisor, Road Commissioner and Trustees for review of additional township content insurance.

Green Garden Township Assessor Statistics – 2020

  • Total number and value of Exemptions: 1895 parcels = $10,647,104
    • Total number of General Homestead Exemptions: 1344 parcels = $8,054,950
    • Total number of Senior Citizen Exemptions: 378 parcels = $1,888,567
    • Total number of Senior Freeze Exemptions: 108 parcels = $235,191
    • Total number of Disability Persons Exemptions: 26 parcels = $52,000
    • Total number of Disabled Veterans Exemptions: 17 parcels = $20,000
  • Type of properties & assessed values (based on property class): 2314 parcels = $187,586,362
    • Farm Land with buildings: 403 parcels = $39,939,421
    • Farm Land without buildings: 367 parcels = $3,183,821
    • Residential Vacant land: 376 parcels = $6,005,821
    • Residential Vacant land (developer owned): 56 parcels = $337,247
    • Residential with homes: 1,019 parcels = $131,763,812
    • Commercial: 23 parcels = $5,527,576
    • Industrial: 34 parcels = $374,648
    • Exempt (no taxes paid): 16 parcels = $0

Exempt properties in Green Garden Township – Follow-up from December, 2020 meeting

  • Emailed Supervisor, Trustees & Road Commissioner on Jan 10, 2021 detailed information on all properties within GGT which are not currently taxed.

Housing Market Update for end of 2020 (per Redfin) – residential homes

  • The median home price increased 13% year over year.
  • Pending home sales were up 38% year over year.
  • New listings of homes for sale were up 7% from a year earlier.
  • Active listings (# of homes listed for sale) fell 32% for an all-time low.
  • 38% of homes that went under contract had an accepted offer within the first two weeks on the market, well above the 25% rate during the same period one year ago.
  • For the week of January 7, 30-year mortgage rates fell to another new record low of 2.65%.

Thank you to Sue Coffey for providing the Assessor’s office additional (used) file cabinets

This will save the Assessor’s office $ by not having to purchase these items in the future. Thank you to Sue’s husband and to the Road District for assisting with the move of these heavy and large items!

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