2021.05.10 Meeting Minutes



MAY 10, 2021 

The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Murday at 7:00 p.m. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 

Roll Call: In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Dietz, Supervisor Murday, Commissioner Hilliard, Assessor Bushong, Clerk Coffey (via phone). Trustee Standish was not in attendance. 

There was a motion to approve the minutes from the regular meeting held April 12, 2021 as submitted by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Dietz. Voice vote: Motion carried. 


a.) Parker Concrete Application for SUP: Murday: Notified applicant had withdrawn application on Twp & Co level regarding SUP for Parker Concrete (hearing had been set before last PC on May 3). Peculiar wording from Co when notified, Murday asked for clarification from Code Enforcement at WC. After further discussion with Mr. Parker’s attorney, it was decided not to move forward with zoning application. Mr. Parker found new lot to store his business in Glen Elen, before withdrawing, wanting to take care of violation first. Met with Parker 4-28-21, no commercial cement vehicles or employees on site. Two inoperable cement trucks in pole building, once operable, licensed, & insured they will move to Glen Ellen. Advised they can work on them as long as not using this site for business (Parker agreed). Zoning ordinance does not prohibit storage of commercial vehicles in enclosed structures on A-1. Spoke with Supervisors Greg & Brian at WC, Parker has enough evidence to prove compliance. Parker & attorney working on open complaint with IEPA, which does not involve their department. Code Enforcement at Co aware no commercial vehicles can come back to this residence (inspection photos included). Tom Becker sent a thank you to the Board & PC, stating he thanks everyone for their involvement and happy they could come to Twp with their concerns. Further stating there is an outstanding issue concerning commercial office still operating, another Code Enforcement compliance complaint to be filed to address. Murday thanks Tom & his brothers for gathering people together, signing petitions, etc. Township is grateful for their efforts. Striggow: Who wrote Code Enforcement email? Murday: Megan Flanagan, Commercial Development Commission, Code Enforcement inspector. 

b.) Text amendment: Murday made copies of Text Amendment passed in Dec. A-1 with Industrial use, has Land Use opinion & actual ordinance (attached). Looks like more storage & sales activity out of Ag property. Note: No opposition (to passage of Text Amendment). May visit this again if needed. Still, the door was opened. Becker: Working with Twp residents is a wonderful way to reinforce standing with Co. Newton asks for copy. 


Past Operations 

  • • Reseeded all plow damage & approx. 500’ of ditch work seeded 
  • • Replaced sprinkler head from plow damage (Tuscan) 
  • • Moved plows to shed behind township, prepping for spring truck work 
  • • Pothole repair 
  • • Pauling Rd. hard surface completed & added shoulder stone 
  • • Cut one tree down on 80th 
  • • Pauling Road driveways for hard surface project were all brought up to grade 
  • • One culvert replacement 
  • • Four street signs repaired 
  • • Two mowers serviced 

Present Operations 

  • • 104th south of Manhattan-Monee working to increase shoulder & decrease slope of ditch with WC Engineers (last month) 
  • • Met with ComEd to move 2 utility poles, scheduled to start moving dirt in August 
  • • Spray for weed control 
  • • Replace culverts 

➢ 60’ on 80th Ave 

➢ 2-24” on Prairie Schooner 

➢ 1-15” on Wagon Wheel Dr 

  • • Seeking bids for Tar & Chip for .33 of a mile for A3 on 104th, 5 miles A-1 on 88th from Stuenkel to Offner
  • ● Construction meeting with WC Engineers & Iroquois Paving for resurface on Prairie Schooner & Wagon Wheel

Future Operations 

  • • Widen box culvert on 104th (maybe Aug) 
  • • Prepping 1 mile of Dralle rd east of 45 for 2022 hard surface 

Questions: Schultz: Do you get culvert money for permits in Erinwood? Hilliard: Yes. Schultz: Horse place on Stuenkel, driveway with no culvert, you see what happened. Hilliard: Construction entrance, no culvert. Rock, they will take rock back out. Schultz: Looks like drive will be down below. Hilliard: I was told house to west wanted heavy commercial equipment entrance just to build barn, no entrance permit, just construction entrance, haven’t been by, is there a water problem? Schultz: No, but they put another drive in, on bottom of hill, all the way up to the barn with stone drive. Hilliard: I’ll drive by & look. Schultz: You get a road bond off all the people? Hilliard: Yes, anyone who puts up a structure. Schultz: How do you determine how much they get back? Hilliard: After final occupancy, I look at road, any road damage from construction traffic, assess damage, if I need estimate for paving, I get it. If I can spray patch, I will. Schultz: Lowboy’s using 88th at 6:30am. Hilliard: I don’t like it, I can complain, I can’t enforce. Schultz: Keep the road bond. Hilliard: For what? Cause they used wrong route? If they damage road, I can pull bond, can’t just say you went wrong way & keep the bond that I know of. Schultz: I would like to see, before you pay road bond back. Murday: Not going to micromanage that. Jim has ability to run Rd Dist as he sees fit. Only supervision the Board has over Jim is the budget. If there is an issue, you may raise it, but for him to get approval for everything he does, is not the way we are going to run the show. We trust him & his judgement. Schultz: When you bring 6 axle lowboy up our street, you know road is getting hurt. Hilliard: I can call police, file complaints, nothing happens. They say delivery, they’re not going to stop a truck. I have no enforcement ability. If road is damaged, I can hold bond. Hearsay, I can not enforce. Schultz: Forget it, they can ruin all the roads, goes on all the time. Hilliard: I hear it all the time, Amazon going down 88th & Harlem. Murday: Jim doesn’t have ability to hold bond unless he sees damage to road. Newton requests copy of report. Hilliard to amend first & will get to Sue. Striggow: Location of 60” culvert? Hilliard: Closer to Dralle, by Tracy.


On-going, standard Assessor tasks/projects (attached for website) 

Met with Don Murday over Assessor’s Budget 

Interviewed a few 1099 contracted potential staff. 

2021 Field work preparation 

  • • At this time there are at least 50-100 properties, most newer home construction which need complete field checks: measurements, drawings, photos, data entry into PAMS & PAMS draw. For many of the larger homes, total hours per property is around 4 hours. Interviewed candidates for part time contracted workers for Assessor’s office. Train, setup computers & security. Schedule PAMS Draw training in Elgin. 

2020 Tax bills were mailed first week in May, resulting increase of phone calls & emails with taxpayers. Green Garden growth projections based on demographics as of July 1, 2020 (Posted on website) Most importantly, growth in the last 10 years grew 4% in GG projection for next 5 years 21% increase in GG. Households last 10 years increased 28%. Looking at a 34% increase in next 5 years. Summary, number of homes for sale in rural areas has declined. Due to working remotely, pandemic, & buyers prioritizing, rural areas are desirable. Home prices rose 21% in last year. Very significant info here. Due to shortage of homes for sale, new home construction is booming, more homes being built in GG. More growth than we’ve seen since mid 2000’s and will continue. Not only residential, but looking at commercial & industrial growth according to predictions over next 

5 years. Market values increased, huge increase of new construction due to shortage of homes for sale. All effects the Assessor’s office & taxes down the road. Doing best to try and beef up on 

staffing resources & so forth to maintain equities & bring us forward with this growth. Newton requests copy of report. 


RUSS STANDISH – Public safety/Town hall 

Murday: This would have been Russ’s last meeting, asked to be excused. Mark Kovar to be sworn in tonight. Judge Braun in attendance to swear in newly elected officials. Murday thanks Judge Braun. Judge Braun stated he enjoys being here & do not expedite on his behalf. Murday: Russ contacted our Representative Anthony DeLuca. I spoke with Anthony Friday, he is to attend July meeting to introduce himself. Prompted by phone call for state assistance regarding tornado sirens. Maybe a host of other things to look to Springfield for help. 

BILL WAGNER – Finances/Budgets – None 

CHERIE NEWTON – Social services/Website 

Newton: Participated in FOIA webinar through TOI, current issues pandemic has thrown at us, also discussed Open Meetings Act. Will type up memo from webinar & share with board or anyone else. 

Meeting tomorrow with director of Veteran’s Affairs at Governor’s State for discussion. Will find out more tomorrow. Asked Trustee Dietz for update regarding “Dog Spa” sign. Dietz: They did pull permit, final inspection was to be a few weeks ago friday. Doing legally & nothing wrong with it. 

Newton: Judy Ogalla has given us recap of Co meetings although she is not our rep. Moustis is one of our reps on Co board, he is also Frankfort Twp Supervisor. Frankfort Twp meeting held same Monday as ours, which is why he hasn’t been at one of our meetings. 

Newton requests current proposed budgets to post to website, notice going in this week’s paper. Newton: Question for Jane, you have worked on revising budget with the fellows, anything you want to discuss? Bushong: Already been discussed, assume Bill & Don are sharing with board, thank you. Murday: Budgets conversation to happen at budget hearing. 

Ralph Dietz – Land Use 

Dietz: Call/email regarding someone trying to put mobile home on A-1 property. 1 per anything above 10 acres, he wants 2 so he has to follow all health codes. Must have gone to WC, requested culvert permit, Jim told me.Thought you would ask Jim to send all of us his permit requests so we know 1st hand. Hilliard: You want entrance? Or everything? Murday: Don’t need to talk about now. Ralph handles Land Use for Twp & does a great job. Would like to pass to PC to encompass them & us. Reminding PC members are volunteers. Conversation to follow. 

Murday: Has WC district map for anyone interested. 


Town Hall has been used in past for HOA, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc. First request of him for rental (birthday party). Discusses rental cost. Newton suggests security deposit with minimal rental cost. It was also asked about chair & table set up. Murday: If doing that, will charge more. Bushong: Who’s responsible to open building & schedule? Murday: I am. If it gets crazy, I will farm it out. 

Going to bring in potential auditors for June meeting need audit done 6 months from close of fiscal year (end of Sept). Christie has auditing firm she has referred. Would like for him to explain what auditors do. Will call around for pricing. Would like it to be more timely this year. 

Letter drafted to elected officials in WC discussing concern regarding “no notification” of variances, etc. Intend to send out. 

Ceremony for Bob Massat rescheduled for June 6th. Hilliard, Wagner & Murday to speak. No time yet, email to follow.


a.) Discussion re Township & Road District Budgets – Murday: Bill & Jim met and have come up with Rd Dist. budget. Bill has done budget on behalf of Twp after meeting with Jane. Understand everyone is in agreement with budgets. Budget Hearing June 14th at 6:45 p.m. Bushong: Bill, has final budget been sent out? Wagner: Not ready yet. Murday: Finals to be prepared & posted to website. At 6:45, residents & Trustees may ask questions. Formal vote will follow in regular meeting. Hilliard: Any questions on my budget, just call me. May not be in town on June 14th. 

b.) Use of Hall/Town Hall Committee – Murday: Committee suggested by Jane (future of Town Hall & space for Assessor). Bill, Mark, Jane, & Paul Chiocca to sit on committee (have not met yet). Committee to address Town Hall & Jane’s office needs & lack of space. Hope to meet & report in June. 

Information from Co regarding different scenarios for Manhattan-Monee, Ridgeland to Center with plans to widen intersection with turning lanes, through lanes, & traffic lights. Scenarios: 1 impacts building, 2 impact property, 4th doesn’t impact either. Co at June meeting to present, public welcome (Bill & Don spoke with them). 5-6 years before anything happens. 

Building now Wifi equipped, expenses hope to get relief from Co or State. 


a.) Will County attendance at June 14th meeting to discuss Manhattan-Monee Rd – Already discussed. b.) Swearing-in of newly-elected GGT Officials by Judge Braun 

Murday: Trustee Newton reached out to Judge Braun, he was kind enough to attend tonight’s meeting. Oaths of Office administered by Judge Braun as follows: Trustees Ralph Dietz, Mark Kovar, Cherie Newton, & Bill Wagner sworn in first. Followed by Highway Commissioner Jim 

Hilliard, Assessor Jane Bushong, & Supervisor Don Murday. Clerk Coffey to be sworn in at a later date. Oaths signed & will be filed with the County Clerk’s Office. Judge Braun was thanked.


Murday stated Russ Standish to attend June meeting and presented a commemorative plaque for his service to Township & Planning Commission. 

Judge Braun invited anyone interested to tour the new courthouse in Joliet to contact him (Cherie knows how). Further stating $210 million for the building & $30 million in furnishings, come see how it was spent, that’s your money. Co Board did a fantastic job for us with a building well needed. Judge Braun shared some history of old courthouse, in 1967 220,000 people in Will County, 50 years later, 700,000 people. A need for newer & more secure building to accommodate population growth. Did well with how it was funded. Bushong: Do all judges have offices there? Braun: Most do, old building house civil cases, about ½ dozen there. 2 on west side at Juvenile Justice Center. 1 Judge goes to Branch courts (now reduced to 4 locations). For the most part everyone in new building, few in the other building. Pre-pandemic 2 floors were supposed to be unoccupied to be used later; we are now using those court rooms for jury deliberations. Murday: Board is privileged & thanks Judge Braun. Judge Braun stated it was his privilege to be here. Further commenting on all the development out this way, shows how attractive this Twp is. 

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Kovar. Voice vote: Motion carried. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Susan Coffey, Clerk 

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