2021.06.14 Budget Hearing Meeting Minutes



JUNE 14, 2021 

The budget hearing was called to order by Supervisor Murday at 6:45 p.m. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 

Budgets posted to website for public review. Budgets given to Trustees weeks or months ago with questions to be directed to Trustee Wagner. 

Public Questions: None 

Trustee Questions: Dietz suggests using $10,000 of surplus to be directed to Assessor budget to aid Bushong in equalizing inequities on assessments needing more attention making equitable for all. Further reminding she is main source of revenue for entire township. Murday stated only used $19,000 of $43,000 budgeted in past, adding it doesn’t make fiscal sense. Can visit again next year. Different scenario discussion ensues. Kovar stated a need for an Assessor’s office. Murday responded that is township budget not hers & doesn’t relate to Dietz’s comments. Newton states Bushong has been finding things never done, increasing revenue to township & bringing the Assessor’s Office into this century. Newton also stated township needs to be caught up on computer, and she can’t imagine Rhonda’s office (SOA) being happy with us. Murday repeats his opinion, Wagner agrees, further stating twp has to provide space, not part of her budget. Nothing states everything has to be up to date this year. Her most important thing being new buildings coming in. Not going to be many occupancy permits needing to be assessed this year. Not growing like 2008 with 60 occupancy permits. Bushong states 30-40 a month right now, and great deal in past not done, now playing catch up. Occupancy & Quadrennial year assessment procedures discussed. Newton suggests raising Assessor budget stating if not used, fine. Wagner states budget can be altered later, having another hearing. 

Newton asked why no state tax line item this year? Wagner: We don’t pay state taxes, but withhold to pay on behalf of employees. Newton: But we write a check to the state? Wagner: Comes out of their salary. Newton: Federal portion? Wagner: Our portion, social security. Newton: The salaries last year budgeted $78,845, this year $125,000? Wagner: Actual salaries last year $81,000. There are raises to the Assessor, Highway Commissioner, & Supervisor. Newton states $6,000 to Assessor, $2,500 to Highway Commissioner, & $1,500 to Supervisor, that’s around $10,000 taking us to $91,000. Wagner: Janitorial service too. Murday tables & closes hearing discussion to be resumed in general meeting.

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