2021.06.14 Meeting Minutes



JUNE 14, 2021

The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Murday at 7:00p.m. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 

Roll Call 

In attendance were Trustees Wagner, Newton, Dietz, Kovar, Commissioner Hilliard, Assessor Bushong, Supervisor Murday, & Clerk Coffey. 

There was a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held May 10, 2021 as submitted by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Voice Vote: Motion carried. 


1. A) Auditor Introduction: John Wysocki (auditing partner) & Dave Gonzalez (managing partner) of GW & Associates PC introduced. Firm handles government accounting, consulting & auditing work. Currently handles 40 municipalities, townships, and park districts. Written proposal issued previously to Trustees. Brief accounting & auditing discussion regarding GGT fee being around $9,000. Questions & answers given regarding twp’s comparable to our size. Newton questions (page 15) managerial vs township board, difference? Managerial (supervisor) vs town board only to apply if any illegal acts or irregularities. Examples given. 

There was a motion to have GGT retain GW & Assc. PC to perform an audit for past year for a fee of $9,000 (budgeted) by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Dietz. Voice vote: Motion carried. Gentlemen thanked. 

1. B) State Representative Anthony DeLuca: Our representative in Springfield Anthony DeLuca introduced. Murday stated twp is looking for money to fund tornado sirens, and Mr. DeLuca sent note stating there may be 2 ($25,000) pockets we may be able to tap into from the state. Mr. DeLuca stated he resides in Chicago Heights, stating he is the state representative of the 80th district from Glenwood to eastern part of Wilmington. Regarding the redistricting he will still have GGT, but will include more of Wilmington, Braidwood & Custer Park. Mr DeLuca also shared personal, political, & employer background regarding himself, further stating he is very involved in Springfield, representative of local government, City of Chicago, district rep for about 108,000. He takes pride in constituent service. Speaks of money mentioned above not a lot given in our district. Questions: Commissioner Hilliard states amendment to senate bill 2800, allotting $2,500 for road districts, how do we access that? DeLuca responds no one has an answer right now, bill hasn’t been signed, not sure how or when funds will come. Not designed for shovel ready, flexibility there. Coffey asks if DeLuca voted for map redistricting? DeLuca responded yes. Standish asks if there is grant money for cemeteries in our district? Discussion ensues regarding cemetery maintenance, funding, & needs. Information to be sent to DeLuca’s office. Resident asks if stimulus money is available? Murday explained we did make use of Covid Cares funds ($8,000). Mr. DeLuca thanked. 

2. C) Will County/Road Project: Christina Kupkowski (project manager WCDOT) & John O’Neil (transportation engineer) in attendance to discuss Manhattan-Monee Road project (57 to Center). 2 main assets in GGT that may be affected, Town Hall & Union 

Cemetery. Want twp input, this is an informational presentation only at this point. WCDOT wants input down the line. CMAP (Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning) used for projected traffic. Center Rd map developing alternatives presented & described. Already designated by Co, town hall on historical register. Research needs to be done regarding shed. Public meetings to follow. Assessor already taking questions, instructed to send calls to Christina. Waterways. Building move expense, road materials, & noise discussed. 

Union Cemetery map developing alternatives presented. Cemetery also on historic register. Pipelines, shift in Rd. (curve), eminent domain, condemnation, & fair market value discussed. Next step, from engineering point, is to identify significant impacts. Notice to all property owners impacted regarding future meetings (probably in the fall), website feedback will also be available. Union Cemetery owners discussed, Bushong suggests cemetery committee formed. O’Neil wants twp input regarding “hard lines in sand” info. Presentation maps left at town hall. Anyone wishing to view is to contact Don. More info to follow on website. Murday reminds, years from action, and to follow up with thoughts, comments, town hall, & cemetery info. Let’s work together to direct change in the most beneficial way possible. Kupkowski & O’Neil thanked. 


1. A) July 6 Hearing: Before board following Monday, Map Amendment A-1 to E-1. Someone interested in building residence, not conforming. Now looking for Map Amendment. Received another Map Amendment request, not timely enough for July, will be August PC meeting, A-1 to E-1 or E-2 on Center Rd. 


Past Operations 

  • • Sprayed for weed control 
  • • Replaced 7 culverts: 60” on 80th Ave, 2-24” on Prairie Schooner, 1-15” on Wagon Wheel, 1-15” on Prairie Schooner, 12” at 9421 Dralle (driveway), 30” at 7450 Bruns (driveway) 
  • • Reshaped 200’ of ditches 
  • • Construction meeting with Will Co Engineers & Iroquois Paving for resurface on Prairie Schooner & Wagon Wheel. 

Present Operations 

  • • Round 2 of mowing ditches/remove trees around utility poles 
  • • Paving Prairie Schooner & Wagon Wheel 
  • • Preparing 88th Ave for A-1 application (August) 

Future Operations 

  • • Widen box culvert on 104th 
  • • Prepping 1 mile of Dralle east of 45 for 2022 hard surface 

Questions: Schultz: Criteria for new road, Pauling east of 45, hardly anyone lives there. Hilliard: It was set up for A-3 in 2020, 2 subdivisions that may now be used to access 45. Instead of letting that road go, it was already built up prior to me. Received bids on A-3 vs 2 ½” binder, way more cost effective. Schultz: Roads that were real good before, aren’t anymore because of semi’s (complained before). Hilliard: I know, I don’t agree with overweight. I’ve called police, the 300 loads on Dralle, I called, they wouldn’t even stop them. Schultz asks for list of all Rd & culvert bonds since Hilliard took office. Murday: Purpose? Schultz: Trust issue. Discussion ensues. Hilliard invites Schultz to Rd Office to look at anything he wants, Murday also to attend. 


On-going, standard Assessor tasks/projects: 

At this time there are at least 50-100 properties, most newer home construction needing field checks this summer. Measurements, drawings, photos, data entry into PAMS & PAMS Draw. Larger homes take about 4 hours per property. Interviewing field staff personnel to help with tasks. 

5 Oaks subdivision: 

Great deal of assessment work completed & in process of completion. Great deal of time in May, going into June, making assessment adjustments & assessing new structures. Completed extensive spreadsheets with all 5 Oaks properties to ensure all are equitable & adjustments made where necessary. Once completed, this will generate more tax revenue than in the past. 

Assessment revisions: 

In the last 5-6 weeks, over 100 property residential assessment revisions were processed. The majority were either well underassessed, or usage changed (no longer being farmed-changed to residential). 

Bushong reminds of Cemetery board should be handled separately, very important. Newton: Don’t other twp’s with boards own a cemetery within the twp? That’s why we don’t have a board, correct? Bushong: TOI states just “Public Cemetery” again vague. Not privately owned, twp should be taking care of. This is why I suggest a private board to research. Murday suggests research, then decide if board needs to be assembled. Schultz: Union Cemetery is cared for by a guy out of goodness of his heart. He’s tried to find out who owns. 

Board of Trustees supportive of Assessor & what she does, asks for snapshot of what she does to support plea for more money. Bushong asks if there is a report from Chiocca (Town Hall committee chair)? Murday: No, nothing on agenda. Will get back on track. Wagner: Looked into what it will take to update this building, 200 amp service, Com-Ed free for upgrade, have to pay licensed electrician, about $500 equipment plus labor. Duct work here, upgrade furnace, 

electricity & air will benefit twp for meetings too. Chiocca discussed upgrades, if considering offices within building. Murday states Town Hall committee to address town hall & Assessor office space. Dietz: Check historical status, may be limitations to what we can do. Kovar: Looking at Fire District, see if we can use office space there. Mark to follow up.


Cherie Newton: Asks permission to invite Wendie Garlich (PACE/Will Ride rep) to next meeting. Attorney never got back to me at all. I was told by Board not to call attorney again, costs money. Let’s see what Wendie has to offer. Bushong: Was contract changed? Newton: No idea. Murday: Not a bad idea. Newton: Have her here to refresh, she’s been here before. 

Mark Kovar: Sheriff’s office contact for our area, WC Sheriff’s Dept has app. Tips, FOIA info, inmate info, active warrants, sex offenders, & weather report. Go to app store, Will County Sheriff, download app. Also, “Ready Will County” provides news, resources, & info providing weather reports. 

Contacted EMA (Will Co Emergency Management Agency) regarding tornado sirens and expense. Many villages getting rid of because of smartphones. 

Kovar suggests video taped board meetings (YouTube), will help with transparency. Accusations in past. Murday asks Kovar to look into. Russell adds, can be done inexpensively with video camera, Peotone & Monee spent quite a bit on theirs. Newton to note apps on website. 

Bill Wagner: None 

Ralph Dietz: Resident complaint (herbicide overspray), wanted noted in minutes. Went out, investigated, can’t verify cause, suggested he call police. Resident does not want restitution from farmer, just wants it noted. Other topics to wait until July, 8 matters active. Directing people where to go. 

Tom Becker thanks Dietz, other Trustees, & PC on behalf of residents regarding Parker Concrete, especially their work with Co. The Becker’s also thanked. 


Murday states,nothing needing to be raised tonight, adding received “Thank You” note from Penny Massat regarding ceremony held June 6th at Road Dist in recognition of Bob Massat (former Road Commissioner). Murday thanks those in attendance, Hilliard, Wagner, & Jennifer Wagner. 


Vote on Township & Road District Budgets: 

Discussion resumes regarding Assessor’s budget. Newton states salary line item at $92,000 (after previous discussion) from $81,000 with pay increases. Wagner: Janitor included. Newton: With that still around $32,000 difference to what is there. Wagner: Kim (bookkeeper) goes in there too. Newton: Around $700 a month starting April 1, around $10,000 more. Murday suggests taking $10,000 out of salary item making it $115,000 & elevate Assessor budget from $43,000 to $53,000 & see how it goes. We can track monthly going forward & reassess next year. Newton supports increase to $53,000. Wagner: $80,000 in assessor salary & staff factoring assessor labor force. Salary $24,500, staff $27,000, where is $10,000 going? Bushong: Depends on if I get an office, will go to staff if have office, if no office, then assessments don’t get done, loss of revenue. There was a discussion regarding Assessor’s job. Murday suggests recording time to support what she does. Bushong responds it changes throughout the year, levels needing to be completed, appeals, etc. Newton suggests broad topic monthly hour breakdown. Bushong: If you want me to take time away from assessor work to complete, fine. Wagner suggests time logged for appeals & measurements. Bushong responds, ask Rhonda (SOA) for average. Coffey discussed importance of assessor work & potential impact on twp. Bushong states without an office can’t even do, asking what other twp doesn’t have an office? Murday states he’s sure there are some, adding a recommendation of $10,000 from salary line & move to Assessor, maybe earmark for office rental (add new line item for Assessor building rental expense). Bushong agrees. Board agrees to amend existing Township budget change to include: Salaries from $125,000 to $115,000, adding line item to Town Fund Rental for assessor $10,000. Before vote Murday asks if there are any questions to Road District Budget? There was none. Murday states we will amend existing budget so all can sign tonight. 

  • • There was a motion to adopt & pass Road District Budget & Appropriation Ordinance as provided by Trustee Kovar with a second by Trustee Dietz. Roll call: Kovar; yes, Dietz; yes, Newton; yes, Wagner; yes, Murday; yes. 
  • • There was a motion to adopt & pass Town Fund Budget & Appropriation Ordinance as amended with the following: Salary line item be reduced from $125,000 to $115,000 and a separate line item be written in to budget providing office rental for Assessor in an amount of $10,000 by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Newton. Roll call: Wagner; yes, Newton; yes, Dietz; yes, Kovar; yes, Murday; yes. 

Murday: Budget & Appropriation Ordinances for GGT passed. Thanks everyone. 

Russell Standish presented plaque in recognition for time served on Board of Trustee & PC. Standish grateful he was presented this on Flag Day & Trump’s birthday. Further thanking everyone for support at meetings & covering up when he drifts. 


There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Wagner with a second by Trustee Dietz. Voice vote: Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:11p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Susan Coffey, Clerk 

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