2021.07 July Assessor’s Report

Green Garden Township Assessor’s July 2021 Report For review at August 9, 2021 Township meeting

Jane Bushong, CIAO Assessor, Green Garden Township

On-going, standard Assessor tasks/projects

  • Appraiser, Real Estate, attorney, county and resident requests.
  • Visit new construction sites to apply assessed values as soon as occupancy is complete.
  • Data entry into PAMS system: property record card information, Sales, Permits, Appeals, photos, exemption paperwork, correspondence, new construction drawings and inquiries into PAMS. Change assessments in 2021 as necessary.
  • Appeal work.
  • Commercial / Industrial property assessment work and comparables
  • Sub division comparable reports created & maintained
  • Land AV comparable reports created & maintained
  • General office and personnel management

July tasks

Field work

Assessor’s office completed (photographs, drawings and measurements) over 70 field checks including new construction and updating existing property record card information this summer.

All work is pending being assessed and entered into PAMS CAD program. Most of this will occur in Sept & Oct.

Although most field checks were warmly received by residents, there were some residents who complained about not being provided advance notice and provided a scheduled appointment.

Although every effort was made to notify each resident who we had either a phone # or email address beforehand as well as notification in some cases to the Homeowners Association; it is not possible (not enough staff, time nor resources) to provide advance notice for each field check. It is also not always possible to know exactly how many properties will be completed each day or each week since we often do not know the extent of the measuring or details until we are on sight.

A township newsletter (maybe quarterly) mailed to each Green Garden taxpayer would greatly benefit our taxpayers in keeping them fully informed as to upcoming field checks and vital tax information and changes.

Assessment Changes

Locked down from end of June until 8/9/21. AR level changes are now open.

County multiplier (factors)

Announced and will be applied in August. Green Garden Township (all residential properties) will have a 1.0223 factor applied.

Notices including these factors will be mailed out and published in the Farmers Weekly Review on August 11, 2021.

Board of Review Appeals

Open on August 11, 2021 and will close on September 13, 2021. At this point, all Board of Review Appeals will be held in person.

Once appeals are received by the Assessor’s office, the appeal process research and workload will take priority over almost all other tasks due to the importance and limited timeframe to complete this extensive workload,

All property record card files

In the process of being moved from Jane’s home office to the locked file cabinets located in the township town hall building.

This will require the Assessor or staff to go back and forth as necessary to obtain the PRC information. All other Assessor records, materials and equipment will remain in Jane’s offices at her home until a permanent office is provided.

2021 Exemptions applications

All 2020 qualified exemptions (for example, Senior Freeze, disability exemptions, etc.) do NOT need to be reapplied for.

Those exemptions in effect for 2020 will automatically roll over to 2021. New applicants still need to apply for their desired exemptions.

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