2021.08 August Assessor’s Report

Green Garden Township Assessor’s August 2021 Report For review at September 13, 2021 Township meeting Jane Bushong, CIAO Assessor, Green Garden Township

On-going, standard Assessor tasks/projects

  • Appraiser, Real Estate, attorney, county and resident requests.
  • Visit new construction sites to apply assessed values as soon as occupancy is complete.
  • Data entry into PAMS system: property record card information, Sales, Permits, Appeals, photos, exemption paperwork, correspondence, new construction drawings and inquiries into PAMS. Change assessments in 2021 as necessary.
  • Appeal work.
  • Commercial / Industrial property assessment work and comparables
  • Sub division comparable reports created & maintained
  • Land AV comparable reports created & maintained
  • General office and personnel management

August tasks

  • Field work

The vast majority of field work has been completed for the 2021 assessment tax year. Assessments are still being valued and submitted.

Due to construction delays, residents often are issued temporary permits so they can move in prior to final occupancy. In some cases, there can be a year or more between a temporary occupancy and permanent occupancy being issued.

I am currently working with Village of Frankfort and Will County Land Use to obtain copies of all temporary occupancy permits so new construction is assessed in an efficient time frame.

Board of Review Appeals opened

Phone calls and emails were excessive – way beyond what one person can begin to handle during the month of August and early September. Regardless of hours the Assessor spent, many requests or inquiries needed to wait up to a week for a return call due to the high volume and lack of resources in the Assessor office.

Based on the continued increase of assessment volume, this issue will continue to be a serious challenge

for the Green Garden Township Assessor’s office.

BOR appeal will take priority over general inquiries and requests. It is now recommended that requests are sent to the Assessor office via emails and general questions or requests will be answered on a first come basis.

Town Hall Party Rental schedule and Assessor file access at Town Hall

Since the Assessor’s office Property Record card files are now stored at the town hall (in locked file cabinets). The Assessor needs to have access to those files.

I would like to request that a rental notification schedule be emailed in advance to the Trustees and Assessor regarding when this building is unavailable for business use.

Board of Review Appeals

Opened on August 11, 2021 and will close on September 13, 2021. All Board of Review Appeals will be held in person per the State of Illinois.

Once appeals are received by the Assessor’s office, the appeal process research and workload will take priority over almost all other tasks due to the importance and limited timeframe to complete this extensive workload,

Assessor Office physical location Status to date

Reference 19 page presentation information packets distributed to all Trustees, Clerk, etc.

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