2022.04.11 Meeting Minutes



1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Supervisor Don Murday with Pledge of Allegiance

2. Opening Prayer by Pastor Dave Feddes

3. Roll Call by Clerk Crissy Kraft: Present: Supervisor Don Murday, Trustees Ralph Dietz, Mark

Kovar, Bill Wagner, and Cherie Newton, Assessor Jane Bushong, Road Commissioner Jim Hilliard,

and Clerk Crissy Kraft.

4. Approval of Minutes from March 14, 2022, Regular Monthly Meeting prepared by Clerk, Kraft.

Murday entertained a motion to accept the minutes as prepared by Clerk Kraft, Motion made by

Trustee Wagner and seconded by Trustee Kovar. All In favor with Aye, motion unanimously


5. Public Comments – Resident Buddy Schultz voiced concerns over the shredded flag being flown

at the road commissioner’s building and a county officer sitting out on his road. Dan Butler, a Will

County Board Candidate, introducing himself and asking for community support. His fight is due to

the re-zoning/re-districting of all the maps, where no compassion or compromise was given by the

Will County Board, even with hundreds of letters and call of how much the people didn’t want the

change. Sue Wayda, who helps fun the food pantry at Jackson Creek Church next door and is

looking to help the community more in their efforts to reach out to people who need food and

other help. Resident Heidi Christofilos thanked everyone for their grace and apologized that not

everyone was informed of the cancellation and apologized to those that showed up but they get a

chance to re-do it. May 7th at Union Cemetery and May 21st at Twinning from 9-12 both days.

Heidi also voiced concerns over the approved March minutes under public comments. Resident

Belinda Olszewski commented about the General Assistance Program/account and what it could be

used for because there could be residents that could really use it.

6. Supervisor’s Report – Supervisor Murday, addressed working towards a positive environment

and doing what is best for the township and the people. First, he would like to find out what we can

do to help with the food pantry that is located within our township. Second having a flagpole put

up at town hall, Murday received a bid for a flagpole that can be moved/relocated if need be. To

have the town hall be a focal point and start having events for the residents, ie. Easter egg hunt,

veteran’s events, a park, etc., start doing things to bring the people in the township together. Third is

the township website that is old and not user friendly that will be updated and have more detailed

information for the residents. Murday also discussed the knowledge he obtained about the town

hall property and who owns it. The attorney who represents the LLC of the family who owns the

property is looking into options for the township and Murday will update as he learns more.

Murday will also be attending a seminar in May in Rockford to learn how to best operate the

General Assistance Fund, in which the statue states the Supervisor does and will learn what he is

permitted to do so he can best help the residents who need it.

7. Planning Commission – Nothing on the agenda for May 2022.

8. Road Commissioner’s Report by Commissioner Jim Hillard

– Past Operations – Plows still on trucks will take off in the next few weeks. – Fixed snowplow damage

and fixed all mailboxes – Cut out some bad sections of Stuenkel and Dralle, will also do Steger Rd. – Tar & Chip roads need spray patch but weather needs to be 70 or above to get machine to run


– Present Operations – Getting Dralle Road ready for widening – Running road drag and grater through

gravel roads – One of the streetlights in Whispering Prairie has fault in line so figuring that out –

Light maintenance – Intergovernmental trade with New Lenox, a dump truck for one of their

tandem axels – Canterbury Lakes, the bid was awarded to Gallagher Asphalt for $161,440.85 in

which MFT funds will be used.

– Future Operations – Dralle Road hard surface a mile from Rt 45 to 104th 2022-2023 – Scheer Road

Bridge North of Offner Road to be replaced.

– Hilliard addressed the flag, he has three children who are all active-duty military and went to visit

his father who passed away, as soon as he returned, he put the new flag up.

9. Assessor’s Report – Everyday tasks, updated numerous records for sales, exemptions, building

permits, county and local, road permits, property records, comparables, inquires, soft appeals,

transmissions, and tasks/adjustments. – Soft appeals are currently open, forms are available on the

website. – Renewal exemption, i.e., senior freezes, the disabilities, normally need to be filled out

every year but with Covid the past two years have rolled over. This year it is changing back so

renewal applications for those exemptions will need to be filled out. – There are 8 – 2022 Exemption

events throughout Will County for residents that are posted on the website. – Bushong attended 12

classes over the course of 3 days with IPAI for Statutorily required continuing education.

10. Trustee’s Report – Trustee Wagner discussed the resolution for Green Garden Township Union

Cemetery Board of Managers to vote on resolution for recommending three members to become

the Board of Managers whose primary responsibility is to create the ordinance to govern and

manage Union Cemetery and the other cemeteries in the community. The board also approved to

pay resident Ron Wagner, who has maintained the cemetery grounds for over 20 years with no

compensation, to compensate him $50 dollars a mowing out of miscellaneous funds until a budget is

passed. Supervisor Murday entertained the motion with Trustee Newton making the motion and

Trustee Wagner seconding the motion, all in favor, Aye, motion carries. Lastly Wagner plans to

attend a cemetery preservation workshop with Russ Standish and Heidi Christofilos that provides

hands on training for repair techniques for grave markers and learn how improper

methods/products can lead to loss of important information. The board approved the request to

attend and pay the $50. dollars per person. Supervisor Murday entertained the motion for the

township to pay $150. Dollars, Trustee Kovar made the motion, with Trustee Dietz seconding the

motion, all in favor, Aye, motion carries. Trustee Dietz explained what transpired on the property

near 104th and Dralle. The individual wants to slaughter chickens and other animals on the property,

there are many obstacles for this to be considered at the County level, which requires I-3 zoning

map amendment with Will County.

11. New Business – No new business

12. Old Business – Trustee Wagner addressed above.

13. Meeting Adjourned at 7:47 pm with a motion by Trustee Wagner and seconded by Trustee

Kovar. Motion carried. The next Board meeting to be held on Monday, May 10, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Crissy Kraft, Clerk for Green Garden Township

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