2022.06.13 Meeting Agenda


Monday June 13, 2022 Board Meeting Agenda

General Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

  1. Call Meeting to order with Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes from the last board meeting as submitted
  4. Public Comments (2-minute limit)
  5. Planning Commission
  6. Road Commissioner’s Report
  7. Assessor’s Report
  8. Trustee’s Report -Cherie Newton, Bill Wagner, Mark Kovar, Ralph Dietz
  1. Supervisor’s Report
  2. New Business
    1. Vote on resolution for funding under American Rescue Plan
  1. Old Business
    1. Vote of Budgets for Township and Road District (FY 2022-2023)
  1. Meeting Adjourned

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