Green Garden Township Assessor’s June Report

For review at the July 11, 2022 Township meeting

Jane Bushong, CIAO

Assessor, Green Garden Township

On-going, standard Assessor tasks/projects

  • Appraiser, Real Estate, attorney, county and resident requests
  • Visit new construction sites to apply assessed values as soon as occupancy is complete.
  • Data entry into PAMS system: property record card information, Sales, Permits, Appeals, photos, exemption paperwork, correspondence, new construction drawings and inquiries into PAMS.
  • Appeal work: Soft appeals in the spring and BOR appeals late summer-fall.
  • Commercial / Industrial property assessment work and comparables
  • Subdivision and rural comparable reports created & maintained
  • Land AV comparable reports created & maintained
  • Commercial / Industrial comparable reports created & maintained
  • General office and personnel management
  • Site visits as needed to determine new construction, farm qualifications, verification of PRC’s, updates to field check & new construction lists.
  • Management tasks: Assessor office expenses and reconciliation, monthly reports, budget reviews, staff payroll and training, IT issues, office supply/inventory management, data backups and processing.
  • Equalizing neighborhoods – continuing work on compiling data, sales, updates, etc. to review and identify inequities and adjust assessments if justified and timely.

Assessor Office statistics for June, 2022

  • Entered / Updated new Sales data records– 17
  • Entered / Updated Exemption data records – 5
  • Entered / Updated Frankfort building permits – 6
  • Entered / Updated Will County building permits – 8
  • Entered / Updated Road Permits – 0
  • Entered / Updated Property Records – 35
  • Entered / Updated Comparables – 57
  • Inquiries (customers, appraisers, misc.) – 7
  • Soft appeals in process – 2
  • SOA transmissions – 6
  • SOA tasks / adjustments – 8

June tasks and information

  • 2023 EXEMPTION changes for Will County residents – Please note these new exemption amounts will not be on tax bills until 2024.
  • General Homestead Exemption beginning in 2023, payable in 2024 will now be 8000 (increase of 2000)
  • Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption beginning 2023, payable in 2024 will be 8000 (increase of 3000)
  • Additional changes will be posted under the Assessor’s section on the GGT website.
  • Assessor upcoming appeal timelines or dates to be aware of:

Residential property tax bills with multiplier delivered – first week in August.

  • Property assessment notices are mailed out and published in the Farmers Weekly on August 10th
  • Board of Review Appeals open on August 10th
  • Board of Review Appeal submissions close on September 12th
  • 2022 Exemption Event Dates which the SOA office is hosting:

The SOA office will be hosting eight Exemption Events in 2022 throughout Will County. Many are for residents only (in certain areas). Exemption events open to Green Garden residents are as follows:

  • August 24 – 28, 2022 Wednesday – Sunday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm at the Will County Fair Atrium, located at 710 S West Street, Peotone, IL
  • Assessor portion on the GGT website
  • Just a reminder – there will be regular updates posted to the GGT website regarding tax and assessment information and changes.

Upcoming Events