2022.07.11 Meeting Minutes



  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 m. by Supervisor Don Murday with Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Pastor Dave Feddes leads meeting in prayer
  3. Roll Call by Clerk Crissy Kraft: Present: Supervisor Don Murday, Trustees Ralph Dietz, Mark Kovar, Bill Wagner, and Cherie Newton, Road Commissioner Jim Hilliard, Assessor Jane Bushong and Clerk Crissy Kraft.
  4. Approval of Minutes from June 13, 2022, Regular Monthly Meeting prepared by Clerk Crissy Kraft. Supervisor Murday entertained a motion to accept the minutes as prepared by Clerk Kraft, Motion made by Trustee Dietz and seconded by Trustee Kovar. All In favor with Aye, motion unanimously carried. Approval of the June 13, 2022, Budget Hearing prepared by Clerk Crissy Kraft, hearing no corrections Supervisor Murday entertains a motion to pass the Motion made by Trustee Dietz and seconded by Trustee Kovar. All in favor with Aye, motion carries unanimously.
  5. Public Comments – Resident Buddy Schultz public comments were the check for the grass cutting, the hole on East end of golf course had been sort of fixed, about not getting on agenda, the hole at the end of his driveway, road, and retention pond. Schultz also wanted to see the deed for the township building and mentioned the trucks are still running on the road. Resident Olszewski’s public comments were about clarification of the responsibility for Resident Schultz’s concerns being with Land Use and she would talk with Schultz Resident Christofilos’s public comments were if there was to be an official Cemetery Committee appointed by the board, if the Township is taking over cleaning the cemeteries, and if how to access money to start restoring headstones. Resident Striggow’s public comment is about transferring money the Road District to the Town fund. Resident Ehrich’s public comments were about numerous cars at 104th and Dralle. Resident Christofilo’s also thanked the people for electing her Precinct #2 person and representing for the Republican Party.
  6. Planning Commission – Nothing on agenda for July 2022 or August
  7. Cemetery Report – Resident Heidi Christofilos commented in public comments and Supervisor Murday said they could meet to talk about the future and would send correspondence from
  8. Road Commissioner’s Report by Commissioner Jim Hillard
    • Past Operations – Multiple culverts replaced or added, two culverts replaced, and one cross culvert added on Steger Added culverts to two field entrances, one on 80th Ave., between Dralle and Manhattan-Monee roads and another on 104th Ave. First cutting of ditches is complete and 1300 feet of Stuenkel Road paved.
    • Present Operations – Working on Dralle Rd. getting trees and brush removed between 104th and LaGrange Road getting ready for A1 coating. Started second cutting of ditches, 50% done from Center to West is Replacing cross culvert on Kuse, road will be shut down, 50 feet West of Center Road.
    • Future Operations – Scheer Road Bridge North of Offner Road to be replaced and will be around a 3-year Signed contracts for Dralle Road paving from Harlem to 88th Ave., by Austin Tyler, and Stuenkel Road from Harlem to 80th Ave., by Gallagher Paving. Right now there is delay due to the strike. A-1 Chip mid-August for 80th Ave., from Steger Road to Offner Road. Resident Schultz’s driveway has been fixed before but the Road District will go back out and fix if needed.
  1. Assessor’s Report – Wanted to mention that in the future Assessor reports will be posted on the GG website under Assessor tab. Property assessment notices are going to mailed out and be published in Farmers Weekly on August 10th, this date also begins Board of Review Appeals. SOA exemption events are still going on with one being at the Will County Fair August 24th– 28th, the SOA will be Homestead exemptions will increase in 2023 and will reflect on 2024 tax bills. Every resident will save money, right now its $6,000 dollars and will increase to $8,000 dollars and Senior citizen’s exemptions is $5,000 dollars and increases to $8,000 dollars.
  2. Trustee’s Report – Trustee Dietz discussed the property at 104th and Dralle, where Jerusalem Farms had service/holiday with 100 cars up and down the street. They were said to be slaughtering sheep and stuff against enforcement rules and Will County was called, in which two officers came out. They said there was no noise when they arrived and could do nothing. They were denied a special use permit but had the event Trustee Dietz asked if any residents have video or can obtain video of the trucks or actual slaughtering would be helpful in pursuing action. If there is defiance it needs to be documented and brought to Code enforcement so any residents that have documentation would be greatly appreciated. The County does not support it and the Township wrote a letter saying they did not support either. When asked if they advertised, a resident said they do on their Facebook page which is Arab Chicago and google maps also has it listed as Arab Chicago Farm Zabiha Halal. Clerk Kraft pulled up the google map listing which shows animals hanging and reviews stating good meat. Trustee Kovar added that traffic being plugged up on Saturday night, and if residents were not satisfied with the Sheriff they should ask to speak to a supervisor as the road should not be blocked so if need Fire trucks could get down the road. Also suggested reaching out to USDA or PITA to help with the animal slaughtering. Resident Kyle Ehrich was concerned about the resident being allowed to use residence as slaughterhouse. Supervisor Murday explained the process of getting zoned and that the township would not be supportive of the business. Trustee Newton said she had some ideas and would talk with Trustee Dietz later about it.
  3. Supervisor’s Report – Mentioned the Trustees and their respective roles, Trustee Dietz amenable for Land Use, Trustee Wagner continuing to oversee financial aspects, of the Township, Trustee’s Newton and Kovar for renovation of Town Hall. Supervisor Murday forwarded the opinion from the attorney that pulled the deed for the property that indicated they could build whatever they wanted on the property if it was for governmental purposes. Supervisor Murday also forwarded from the county engineer that the current building would not be impacted by the widening of Manhattan-Monee Road. The town needs a gathering spot for the residents and a place for community to come together. The process has begun to modernize the website and make user friendly and better ways to communicate with the residents, with that is also the future distribution of a mailing newsletter to better reach all the residents. The application for the $58,312 dollars has been completed and there is an off shoot off that for additional monies for infrastructure and will be looked into, the letter of intent is due August 22nd and is not a bid just an expression of For the August meeting the Township attorney will come and introduce himself to the residents.


  1. New Business – Banking relationship – Supervisor Murday discussed First Midwest being purchased by Old National and the disappointment with communication and assistance, not being helpful. Wintrust reached out a couple years ago to his firm and he put them aside, but then reached out about moving with them and where branches are located. Old Plank is owned by Wintrust and he met with Andrea Ramirez and then had another meeting with her and Trustee Wagner. They liked the personal touch and if the money is moved there is no cost or fees to the township and would like to move the money and build a relationship. Murday asked for a formal vote authorizing the township to open accounts at Old Plank Trail/Wintrust and moving money from First Midwest Bank. Trust Newton asked all the money and Supervisor Murday said yes including Road District money as well. Motion made by Trustee Wagner and seconded by Trustee Newton. All in favor with Aye, motion unanimously carried.
  2. Old Business – ARPA funding – Clergy Group – Already talked about the ARPA funding, the second is the Clergy Group, Pastor Dave who lives in Erinwood mentioned that he would like to have a clergy group to meet and talk about issues they see with the township and benefits they could offer. This costs nothing to the township and Supervisor Murday will meet and report back.
  3. Meeting Adjourned at 7:52 pm with a motion by Trustee Kovar and seconded by Trustee All in favor with Aye, motion unanimously carried. The next Board meeting to be held on Monday, August 8, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Crissy Kraft, Clerk for Green Garden Township

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