2022.08.08 Meeting Minutes



  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 m. by Supervisor Don Murday with Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Roll Call by Clerk Crissy Kraft: Present: Supervisor Don Murday, Trustees Ralph Dietz, Mark Kovar, and Cherie Newton, Road Commissioner Jim Hilliard, Assessor Jane Bushong and Clerk Crissy Kraft. Trustee Bill Wagner not present at roll call and joined the meeting at 7:06 p.m.
  3. Approval of Minutes from July 11, 2022, Regular Monthly Meeting prepared by Clerk Crissy Kraft. Supervisor Murday entertained a motion to accept the minutes as prepared by Clerk Kraft, Motion made by Trustee Dietz and seconded by Trustee Kovar. All In favor with Aye, motion unanimously carried.
  4. Public Comments – Resident Buddy Schultz public comments were about the change of banks for Green Garden Township. Resident Olszewski’s public comments were questions about previous month’s minutes and wanting updates on Supervisor Murday’s attendance of the General Assistance Program and helping with the food pantries located in the Resident Olszewski also wanted to know what ideas Trustee Wagner was looking for pertaining to the Rideshare Program.
  5. Introduction of Township Attorney – Supervisor Murday introduced the Law firm of Mahoney, Silverman, & Cross and Bryan Wellner the attorney with whom they are working with. Wellner introduced himself and gave a brief introduction. The firm is in Joliet, IL and has large focus on Governmental law, and primarily what his focus is in. He has many Municipal clients and townships, and the benefit is that if something comes up it streamlines through him or his associates to save time and money. He grew up in Minooka and still resides there, he attended Illinois Wesleyan University and John Marshall Law School. Supervisor Murday explained how helpful and responsive Mr. Wellner has been and how his assistance and experience will make sure what the township is doing is what it should be, as well as the experience of the firm’s Partners.
  6. Planning Commission – Nothing on agenda for September
  7. Road Commissioner’s Report by Commissioner Jim Hillard
    • Past Operations – Tree and brush removal on Dralle Road. Replaced cross culvert on Kuse Road, two driveway culverts were completed, Stuenkel Road between Harlem and 88th was paved, and stone was added to Steger and Stuenkel , shoulders and driveway aprons. Previously had private contractors haul in C-16 for tar and chip this year they were able to do it themselves. Dirt and seeded areas for fall excavation and jetted culverts and drain tile from 88th Ave., to Pauling Roads waterway. Attended Road Commissioners seminar for three days in Peoria and learned a lot of information. There is a new House Bill 5538 concerning future prevailing wages as opposed to previously the Townships helped one another for free.
    • Present Operations – Spray patch Roads (Tar & Chip) and Mowing ditches. Second cutting is complete and starting on third, usually do three cuttings but this year probably four or at least 3-1/2.
    • Future Operations –Scheer Road Bridge North of Offner Road in planning phases. A-1 tar and chip application for 80th , from Steger Road to Offner Road with tentative date of August 22nd – August 26th. Install metal roof on salt shed with himself and the guys.


  1. Assessor’s Report – Contracted with and in training with one new field technician to assist with all that is required for field checks. Revised tax bills will be received this week for residents with recent revisions, all others will receive tax bills in the spring. All residents assessed values will now include the county multiplier of 1.0740 factor and will be published in Farmers Weekly this week. The Board of Review Appeals opens this week, August 10th and runs until September 12th. The Assessor’s office is proud to announce that nearly 80% of all residential properties now have their building information posted on the SOA website and will be useful for comparables with lots of useful Exemption events at the Will County Fair August 24th– 28th, with representatives there for any questions or help with applications. Assessor Bushong thanked Supervisor Murday for setting the tables and accommodating the Assessor’s office.
  2. Trustee’s Report – Trustee Dietz discussed 11401 Manhattan Monee Rd., being 79.29 acres currently zoned A-1, the applicant wants to cut out 40 acres and get a map amendment to I2 for a trucking terminal West of Wille Brothers, which the corner over there is all I2. The county told them they need to contact IDOT for more studies. It could have a drastic effect on Town Hall if the State were to widen from West to Center to 4 lanes. There is presently no application in the works. There was an incident at Jerusalem Farms during the week where 3 – 55-gallon drums of hand sanitizer exploded in which Frankfort and Manhattan responded. Trustee Dietz reached out to the investigator and did a FOIA request which he received, is 18 pages and available. Supervisor Murday explained the process for pre-application hearings and how the trucking terminal came to the He also explained the property at 104th and Dralle and how they are working with the County to get clarity and better understand what kind of assistance the Township can receive form the County. Trustee Dietz explained that the County is going through restructuring their office currently so it may take some time. Supervisor Murday let it be known that Trustee Newton, Trustee Kovar and Mark Sarkisian are on the Town Hall Renovation Committee and that Trustee Newton is the Chair. Trustee Newton said the three have met a couple times to come up with an idea of how to move forward and are speaking with the attorney regarding the land. They have received a few quotes but having a hard time with people getting back to them for estimates for new furnace, AC, electrical, etc. They are hoping to get three estimates for each portion. Trustee Newton discussed the bidding process and the discussion with Road Commissioner Hillard that it only comes into play if project is over $20,000. and used to be $30,000. Road Commissioner Hillard explained that State Legislation House Bill 4251, gives Counties and other forms of Government $30,000. a bid and Road District was carved out as an oversight and is $20,000. which was an oversight in verbiage and clean up language will be put in next round to change Road District back to $30,000. Trustee Newton clarified that $30,000. is when the Township must get a bid and that the Committee will continue to meet and update next month. Supervisor Murday clarified that Trustee Newton, Trustee Kovar, and Mark Sarkisian are aware of the road configuration and that the County has no intention of touching the Township building. IDOT has raised additional concerns that they are looking into, and that no money will go into the Township building if it will be knocked down. They will make sure they receive assurances before they do anything. Trustee Newton added that Judy Ogalla called her last week to see if she was aware of the industrial zoning being requested West of Wille Brothers believed to house 80 trucks at once. Supervisor Murday explained the process and that the Township is aware. Trustee Newton also added when speaking with Judy she wants to help Trustee Dietz and that she heard grumblings about the issues. Trustee Dietz asked about the Town Hall flagpole and Supervisor Murday explained it’s part and parcel of the renovation project and the issues with a temporary flag and the proper ways. Supervisor Murday is aware that a Township building should have a Flag flown and it’s the one thing he hopes to accomplish. Supervisor Murday thanked the Trustees, Road Commissioner, and Assessor for all their efforts for the Township. Road Commissioner Hillard wanted to make note that when they put the Kuse Road culvert in at about 2:45 there was an accident. Two of the employees, one a paramedic and the other a retired fireman who is a paramedic. Mark saw the accident and ran down and helped the girl who had serious injuries. He wants it to be known that they do more than just fix roads, if they see a problem, they will fix it and is very happy with the guys that work for him.

Supervisor Murday thanked Mark and his representation of the township.

  1. Supervisor’s Report – Supervisor Murday noted that he didn’t put the cemetery committee on the agenda and that he spoke with Heidi today about the Cemetery Committee meeting with the Township Lawyer during next meeting to ensure everything is within the statues and what is permitted. He also noted the same goes for the Town Hall and making sure things are being done by the book. Resident Christofilos said they are looking forward to finalizing their proposal. As a committee they will be moving forward with Union Cemetery and begin some of the restorations of the stone and that the class the Township paid for will be put to good use pretty soon. Supervisor Murday explained Chris Russell was there to help understand the changes to the new website that launches September 1st and how the website will be current, with fresh content, and more informative. Supervisor Murday thanked Chris and let it be known the TOI website information will be preserved and the new website and emails are owned by the Township which will now be maintained and controlled by the Township. Supervisor Murday discussed the process started for the movement of the monies from First Midwest Bank to Old Plank Trail which is a Wintrust Company and that three accounts are still open with First Midwest Bank to ensure all checks clear. Some checks are over a year old, and Supervisor Murday will reach out to see if they can cash them or they will cancel and re-issue later if requested so they can close the three accounts. Supervisor Murday will attend a meeting of the Supervisors at the end of the month and will be talking with other supervisors about the General Assistance fund. The County Board sets up the meeting inviting the Supervisors in the County. He was unable to attend the seminar but educated himself that if people come looking for Township assistance they need to qualify through the state as someone who is eligible for Supervisor Murday will ask other supervisors how they run it through their townships. Supervisor Murday let resident Olszewski know when he asked about Rideshare at the last meeting, he was at two supervisors said never will they have in their township and two said it was a godsend so hopefully will gather more at the meeting at the end of the month.
  2. New Business – No new business
  3. Old Business – No old business
  4. Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 pm with a motion by Trustee Kovar and seconded by Trustee Newton. All in favor with Aye, motion unanimously carried. The next Board meeting to be held on Monday, September 12, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Crissy Kraft, Clerk for Green Garden Township

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