July 2023

Green Garden Township Assessor’s July 2023 Report for review at the
August 14, 2023 Township meeting

Jane Bushong, Certified Illinois Assessment Officer

Assessor, Green Garden Township

The 2023 quadrennial assessments notices have now been announced to all taxpayers.

Due to these announcements, the GGT Assessor is receiving 50-70 inquiries per day.

Each inquiry takes on the average 30-75 minutes depending on what needs to be discussed or tasks completed.

Without staff, it will take many weeks for the Assessor to address all inquiries.

Some inquiries may not be addressed fully if time runs out before the required Board of Review Appeals work begins.

The quadrennial assessment increases are larger than normal, most between 10-15%.

This is due to property sales increasing roughly 35% over the last three years.

In Green Garden Township, property values have skyrocketed which directly affects assessed values.

Your assessed value represents 1/3 of your market value. For example, if your sales or market value is now 600,000, your assessed value at 1/3 of that value would be 200,000.

If your assessed value increase was more than 15%, it is likely due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. New construction
  2. Added more square footage such as a garage, pole building, in ground pool, addition to your home, etc.
  3. Within the past several years, you received a substantial reduction in assessed value based on a sale or condition of your property.
  4. Your assessed value was substantially below comparable
  5. Your assessed value was flagged amongst the lowest in sales ratio

Please note that tax rates and exemptions will also affect your tax bill.

These figures are not listed on the recent quadrennial assessment notices, yet will be listed on next year’s tax bills.

Last, an increase in assessed value does not automatically result in an increase in your tax bill.

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