2023 SOFT appeal instructions

The Green Garden Township Assessor’s office provides a SOFT Appeal option which allows the taxpayer to work directly with the Township Assessor’s office in confirming or determining the assessed value of residential portion of properties. When completed early enough (typically within the first 6 months of the year), the Assessor has the ability to make justified and approved adjustments to that year’s assessed values.

Offered in the late winter through spring of each Assessment year, the Soft Appeal will provide the Assessor’s office at least 3 valid and comparable properties and/or 3 recent valid property sales of comparable properties within Green Garden Township which will be further researched by the Assessor’s office as a consideration to justify the current assessed value. Comparable properties or recent sales of comparable properties should be as similar as possible. Although most parcels have custom homes in Green Garden Township, please try to compare to similar properties.

Property sales should include Green Garden Township property sales sold within the last three years (2020 through 2022).

Most residential property’s total assessed value consists of both a land (property) value as well as the building (home) value.

When questioning the home (building) assessed value, try to provide three comparable structures with similarities, such as close to same size home (living square footage); age (year built); type of home (one story versus 2 story or brick versus frame); type of amenities (accessory buildings, pools, outdoor living areas, etc.) can all make a difference in the assessed value.

If questioning the land assessment, provide comparisons to other similar size lots/acreage. If possible, find other properties in the same or similar subdivision or nearby.

Additional information, (i.e.: photos, recent property appraisal, home building plans, permits, etc.) may affect the current assessed value and help justify your request for a lower value. Please submit any additional information along with the Soft Appeal form. Please email all information to: [email protected].

The Assessor’s office will confirm receipt of your Soft Appeal (either mailed or emailed). Although the Assessor will do her best to get review your Soft Appeal information right away, due to limited Assessor Office resources, please allow time for the Assessor to run additional comparable data and reports. The goal is to be able to make any necessary adjustments prior to June for the current tax year.

Please note that the earlier you can submit your Soft Appeal, the quicker the Assessor can conclude and make necessary changes. May and June are two of the busiest months for the Assessor’s office. The Soft Appeal can only be used for the current assessment year. For instance, when submitting the 2022 Soft Appeal, any justified adjustments will be made to the 2022 tax year which is payable in 2023.

The taxpayer may also or instead file an appeal with the Will County Board of Review. Please review those details at the Will County Supervisor of Assessments website at willcountysoa.com.

Additional resources for comparables may be found at real estate websites such as Redfin.com, Realtor.com, etc. Please note that the Township Assessor office nor the Will County Supervisor of Assessments are not responsible for erroneous information published on other websites.

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