Green Garden Township Entrance Permit

Welcome to Green Garden Township. Here is a list of what you will need to get an Entrance Permit and Road Bond.
• After the culvert is installed, call us for inspection.
• Only surface water can flow into ditch (do not run sump pump discharge into road ditch).
• No brick structures are allowed in road easement, unless you have permission from the Highway Commissioner.
• When you receive your occupancy permit from Will County, call us for the final road and ditch inspection. Please make sure that you have a ditch that is graded properly for water flow, and there is vegetation growing.

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The Road District is located at 26448 South Center Road, Monee, IL 60449. Contact us by Phone: 815-469-5018 or Fax: 815-469-9144 or Email: [email protected]

Green Garden Township is located in Will County, Illinois, between the villages of Manhattan and Monee and straight south of Frankfort. The center of the township is the intersection of Manhattan-Monee and Center roads.

Road District Commissioner
Jim Hilliard

Contact the Road District to request more information or for Road District Issues.

26448 S. Center Rd, Monee, IL 60449
Office: (815) 469-5018
Cell: 779.254.0661