8/4 Location: 8800 W. Offner Road Peotone

Summary: Person/s unknown stole a trailer with a 2007 Honda Aqua trax wave runner and a 2013 Sea Doo wave runner that were secured to the trailer.

8/7 Location: 28000 block of S. 80th Avenue Peotone

Summary: Homeowners stated that they observed a Chevy Silverado in their driveway at 3:50am and two male Hispanics in their yard. The male homeowner went outside to confront the subjects and heard a shotgun go off. The homeowner then shot his 9mm handgun into a nearby ditch to scare off the subjects. The homeowner then observed the two subjects enter the Silverado and drive off.

The homeowners then discovered a 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan on their property behind a barn. The vehicle did not belong to the homeowners, and they had no idea how it got on their property. The vehicle had the hood open, windows down, gas cap open, and had gasoline poured throughout the inside. A gas can was located about 30 yards from the vehicle. It was determined that one of the subjects had driven it there and were planning on lighting it on fire until they were scared off by the homeowner. Deputies confirmed the vehicle had been stolen from Skokie. Under investigation.

Location: 7300 block of W. Pauling Rd. Monee

Summary: Two unknown subjects stole a 2009 Chevy 2500 HD pickup truck and entered two other unlocked vehicles and stole a water bottle and a credit card. The vehicle was later located on Manhattan-Wilton Road and returned to its owner.

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